Night Creeper comic question

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    Night Creeper comic question

    Hey all,

    This has been bothering me ever since the Night Creepers appearance in the Gi Joe marvel comics....i think issue 116 (not sure if that's it but it's around that number).

    Night Creepers have no names but go by Aleph, Bet, Dalet ect..., basicly by the letters in the Hebrew alphabet which also represent numbers. This always seemed odd because the Night Creepers are from Japan. I always thought that it might be Hama thought it sounded cool and didn't care what it ment or an inside joke or that he was Jewish and it was thrown out for fun. I don't think he is Jewish so that makes it weirder, Can anyone explain why Hama would use aleph-Bet as codenames?


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    I can't really explain why they used Hebrew callsigns, but the NCs weren't necessarily from Japan. Yeah, ninjas come from Japan, so it would seem likely that the NCs were also from Japan, but their filecards make no mention of a specific point of origin. Also note that none of the Joe ninjas were from Japan and few were even of Japanese descent. Sorry I don't have an actually answer to your question.

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    We know very little about the Night Creepers' origins. They are probably from a plethora of different countries and backgrounds - united insofar as they are mercenary ninjas pooling their talents for profit.

    The numerical rank is reminiscent of old James Bond movies - remember SPECTRE agents like Blofeld (Number 1) and Largo (Number 2) who identified themselves within their organization by number? Just a way of organizing their group and preserving the secrecy of their identities.

    I cannot tell you why Mr. Hama would have picked may have just been an esoteric whim.
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    I only figured out that their names were Hebrew letters only recently myself while re-reading. I think it is very interesting!

    For origins, in other issues (such as later ones with Ninja force, and in Destro search and destroy--I believe) the night creepers are described more as mere accountants and lawyers with a deadly degree of martial arts training. And I summarize what I took from reading with this statement.

    But, they really do seem to be a secret organization with global reach, and work for whomever is paying Cobra commander in Destro :search and destroy.

    I'd like to see Night Creepers expanded on in the future (perhaps a convention set?) as imo, they are a totally independent of Cobra syndicate.

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