When you were a kid were you joe crazy or cobra crazy ?


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    When you were a kid were you joe crazy or cobra crazy ?

    When i was a kid in the 80's I always bought cobra figures and vehicles. My older brother always bought GIJOE figures and vehicles. We would have large scale wars in the basement and all over the house. I remember xmas of 1987 was the best ever! I got 12 Hasbro direct mail in hiss tanks and a night raven and loads of figures. Who did you guys enjoy more cobra command or GIJOE?

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    How about both! you can't have one without the other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snakeyes26
    How about both! you can't have one without the other.
    This is true. I think it worked out well since my brother always had the joe stuff. Now I find myself buying joes more although I still buy more cobras.
    I think if I did not have a brother I'd had both. Then again i might have never started collecting GIJOE at all.

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    Joes of course...ALL the time...
    Quote Originally Posted by Bountyhunter Toys
    "Personally, I think there's far too many stupid people in the world. I say we remove the warning labels off everything and let nature take it's course."
    I should be dead by now...HAHAHAHA!

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    Cobra, because in every popular culture fiction I saw, the outnumbered good guys always took on lots of bad guys. Think about it. You can have Snake-Eyes take on 20 Cobras, but the reverse doesn't really work Storm Shadow take on 20 Joes? It makes the heroes look like chumps.

    Plus in most cases, villains are the ones who start the plots, and the heroes merely respond. Without the enemy, the heroes have nothing to do...maybe train a lot, rescue kittens from trees and capture wild animals...I dunno.

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    i had mostly joes, adn my cousin had mostly cobras

    we woud have wars all the time. great battles, it sure would be nice too be a kid again!

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    i was a cobra crazy, and i still don´t know why i had a lot more joes....
    http://www.joetoonarchive.com/ - Great screenshot archive ;)

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    When I was a kid I was cobra crazy and I still am. COBRAAAAAAA!!!!

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    Cobra Crazy---Now I am Cobra Insane!

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    They were probably about even, but I had more fun with Cobra, because they always started every fight.


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