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    Quote Originally Posted by TheReverend
    Woah at that dudes prices I must have $4 million bucks worth of Joes & Cobras!

    I’m a millionaire and didn’t even know it WhoHoo!
    Yeah, that guys trippin'. I imagine we would have quite the Billionaire Boys Club of YoJoers given the collections I've seen here. Cash in your Joes and start collecting Lamborghinis and French Villas.

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    If he could prove that all the figures were complete, then I'd say yes, it would be well worth investing in. But seeing as there isn't anything to cover that, then I'd avoid it.

    I've seen several collections that would do better than this price with fewer items in it.

    To me the major down side of it is that there are too many duplicate character figures. A one-of-each plus army builders would be more desirable.

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    Those other listings are REE-DIC-YOU-LUS!!
    He is way out of touch with pricing or he greatly mis-listed.
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    My wife...

    would kill me if I even thought about bidding....anyone else?
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    This is the second time that this auction has been listed. The first time he had $20,000 as the starting bid.

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    My thoughts..

    Ok, I don't know the seller so I can't comment on his credibility.. as for the private feedback thing.. hmm I'm unsure.. why even had the option not to disclose your feedback.. if your a fair trader wouldnt you rather let potential bidders see how good you are?... unless of course he has something to hide?

    On with the auction Thats alot of AB's there.. I don't think its worth fourteen big ones.. mainly as he hasnt stated all figures being complete. As Missal rightly said:
    I've seen several collections that would do better than this price with fewer items in it.

    I'd go with that everyday of the week.
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    I have dealt with the seller in a previous auction I listed. Im pretty sure most of his negative comments have come from either taking a long time to pay or not paying at all. He purchases a large figure parts lot from me about 6 months ago and took almost 6 weeks to pay for. I had filed a non payment disupute against him and told him he had until the 45th day to payment or I was relisting the item. In the end he did finally send payment but I added him to my non-bidders list anyways. As far auction is concerned, doubt he will get anyone to bite on the 14000 asking price, just looking at it I would assume that none of those are complete.


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    95% might be a good score on a homework paper but in the eBay world that is a bad score. Even with all the nit-picky and trigger happy people on eBay, there is no good excuse for not having 98% or higher. I would never buy from the guy just because of that. Making his feedback private adds fuel to the fire.

    I happened to catch another one of his actions. $200 for 16 old cassette tapes? Please. Since when did cassettes ever become a desired collectable. Records have their place in that but tapes are just stuff to sell at your yard sale for 50 cents each.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FireFox91
    ...Making his feedback private adds fuel to the fire.
    Hadn't noticed the private FB...wow...

    I agree, private feedback is a black flag. I never buy from people with private FB, there’s just no reason to have it private. It implies you’re trying to hide something, and are not honest, in my mind at least.
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    Just think of the time it took to set up all those figures especially with out using any figure bases One wrong move, domino city
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