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Thread: $14,000 !!

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    that has to be one of the biggest collections i've seen on ebay, Its a collector's dream

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluebikerboy1
    can you imagine the fees he got hit with for not selling that lot?
    $4.80 for the listing and $0.35 for the gallery pic and $1.50 for the pics is what it should have cost him

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    It's a nice lot for army builders, but for 14K I would at least like a near complete set of figures and vehicles from 82-94 instead of multiples of a few.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 82to87Joes
    i wish someone would buy it then say they were sending a money order then not send it because thats what he does to everyone. took almost 2 months to get money from the guy and a friend of mine has been fighting with him as well. he always has an excuse like he was in the hospital or his wife died and hes strapped for cash. ok then why is he still buying toys??

    theres a good reason his feedback is private
    I guess they are all positive thought, why would he want to hide that?
    MAJOR fan of the 82 straight arms series!!!

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    maybe at one point he was selling adult stuff and was protecting his buyers

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Right Of Might
    would kill me if I even thought about bidding....anyone else?
    I can think, I can even ask, I just won't be surprised when she says no. And if I had 14K at a con, betcha behind I'd end up with more than that. and rent for the u-haul to take it home in.

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    As far as the auction goes

    I think he'd get about the same if not more if he pieced it out.

    With armybuilding a lot easier now (unless you're dead set on having 86' vipers) and the impending viper sets, it won't sell.

    My two cents
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    Definitely the biggest collection I've ever seen on eBay. That's a whole lot of army builders...


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