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    Are T-hooks still available anywhere? My Doc figure needs one (along with a left arm...ironic, hunh?).

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    Yeah, I need a T hook source too, after barely played with figure from my youth was pulled out of storage and promptly crumbled multiple times. I've never had that T hook disintegrate on any of my other figures...

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    This is a word file with photos that explain how to repair your gijoe with screw

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    Geez, now my '88 Destro just lost his T-hook as well. Is there no one that can provide a source for replacements? And what would be a reasonable price for the part?

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    My fix would be to scavenge a trashed figures legs for a replacement T-hook. Grab up some figs that have been dog toys for example.
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    This is great information. Thanks so much!

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    Question Best fix for yellowed Joes and vehicles?

    What is the best method for getting sun damage out of plastics? Storm Shadow V1, sadly, appears to have soiled himself. I'd also eventually like to refresh my Skystriker. I've heard that 3 and 30 % peroxide solutions work best? (First post. Yay!)

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    Looks like the online stock for replacement screws and T-Hooks has dried up?
    I can't find them anywhere... help

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    dusted fat o-rings...
    on the 88 ferrets and nullifers the o-rings r fat and dusted not 1 crack but try and take em out and the j hook it just me or any1 else notice this?

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    My Nullifier's j hook was broken when I took my Joes out of storage. And yes his o-ring seemed fatter and dusty looking. I had a Corps! figure make a j hook donation to repair it. Where is the Black Major getting his j hooks from?


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