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    Quote Originally Posted by fat_kids_joes View Post
    T- bars found!

    wow. for $1.25 each, you can buy corps figures and resale the body parts.
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    just curious -when fixing up joes, what type of tool do you guys use to pull the o-ring down when you're going to hook it up to the t-hook?

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    I just squeeze the o ring place th waist on top and use my screwdriver to pull it the rest of the way through.

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    Oh, so you attach it to the t-hook, put the waist on, and then hook it to the upper body. I've been doing it backwards...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rGIngram View Post
    Oh, so you attach it to the t-hook, put the waist on, and then hook it to the upper body. I've been doing it backwards...
    I would be carful doing it this way. I have found it best to put the waist and legs together, squeeze the o-ring down into the t-hook area and then use a little flat tip screw driver to get it in the hook. Doing it the way you've mentioned above has led to a few "crotch" pieces flying across the room and a really nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adam9275 View Post
    What is the best method for getting sun damage out of plastics? Storm Shadow V1, sadly, appears to have soiled himself. I'd also eventually like to refresh my Skystriker. I've heard that 3 and 30 % peroxide solutions work best? (First post. Yay!)
    I've actually done this with success. A warning about Storm Shadow: the red emblem with become bright pink.

    I went to sally's beauty supply and purchased the 40% peroxide (i forget what they call it, just look for the big 40%) and then I got some oxy clean. You mix the two together and put it in a clear container and set it out in the sun for 8 hours and you'd be amazed at the results. I forget the ratio of oxy to peroxide but if you go over to the hisstank forum i think they have it. If not the computer geeks use a similar technique to whiten the computer plastics. Just run a google search.

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    A bit of info to help restore Joes

    Hey Guys,
    Recently I noticed you can color over the shoulder and elbow rivets with a Sharpie- it doesn't seem to rub off, either. Obviously a drop of lacquer would be a safe bet.
    Sharpie has REALLY expanded their color palette too, so odds are you'll find something that works!

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    It has been about a year since I have ordered decals for j ruben. Is he still producing them? The contact I have is [email protected] does anybody know if this is still correct? Thanks guys.
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