What Was (Is) Your Steel Brigade Codename?


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    What Was (Is) Your Steel Brigade Codename?

    Just curious, what was the codename everyone put on their Steel Brigade figure when they sent away for it? Mine was "Stonewall".

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    Scrapnel, small arms armorer and ballistic technician, birthplace Miami, Florida, service branch US Marines grade: E-7 First Sergeant

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    Bigtime Rambo fan way back then

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    Wow, this is a good thread! mine was Airshock. I was a pilot, and I was trying to come up with a compound name like "thundercracker", "Starscream", "Shockwave", or "Skywarp", and some how, "AIRSHOCK" came out. I still have the FC, but I signed and trimmed it way back to fit it in a photo book.
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    I have Dead-end, Striker, Eagle, and Silver Bullet. The last two were ebay purchases. I also seem to remember that Striker was supposed to be Version E but I got a Version D for some reason.

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    Steel Brigade

    My code name was Orion.

    -after the constellation, not the now-defunct film company

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    Unfortunately, Top Gun came out just before the Steel Brigades were available. I'm ashamed to admit I chose the name Maverick!

    Go ahead, flame away!

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    Nothing wrong with Top Gun. I've only seen it a few 1,000 times. And better Mavrick instead of Goose (G).


    There's my info in that thread I started a little while back.

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    I too, was influenced by Top Gun when I chose my name. But I used Cougar. Sure, the character wasn't so great, but I just love that codename. I still use it from time to time, too.

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    Thumbs up

    I missed out on the Steel Brigade for several reasons; I had to wait till I became a real-life GI Joe to get my codename...

    I kinda hope they reissue an ARAH body offer for these so I can fix my oversight...


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