display your joes!!!


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    display your joes!!!

    i posted on here awhile ago and the thread seems to be deleted or lost or whatever since the new look here. anyway, lets see some joes displayed! id really love to see also the display one member had about the custom green shelves he made, i want to make those ones day, that display looked awesome!
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    anyone have any displays??
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    That member's green shelf inspired me to build my own customized shelf which I've had for a couple of years now. I've just recently switched out these guys for may 1988-1989 guys.

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    I have mine displayed like this, See link for more pictures: Collection 2011

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    Cool displays
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    I really like looking at how other Collectors Display their Joe's.And yojoebro82,that is a Very Nice Display.And stkhlmDK I like the Lights on your Display..
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    GREAT displays! thanks guys! keep them coming, these are really great!
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    Awesome guys
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    does anyone know who is the member with the green display case? maybe he can displat the photos agin. that was he best display case/collection i have ever seen.
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    silverc is who that was


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