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    i have the saboteur tool kit but im missing the tools. does anyone know if they had any markings to help identify them? thanks dom

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    I took a pic of them loose but I'm not sure if it will help:

    If I get time I'll get it out from storage and check them out.

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    Of the things I have (in no particular order):
    The comics
    The cartoons
    Shrinky Dinks
    Walkie-Talkies (I unintentionally picked up some one's phone conversation on one of these )
    G.I.Joe Field System
    G.I.Joe Camping Set
    Cobra Commander Statue
    G.I.Joe Trading Card Game
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    The Walkie Talkies were cool.
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    Dan and Drew really are the kings of this realm, I can barely compete, but I have been really into some random prototype-type items that have, within the last year or so, become more plentiful on ebay, and offer some great possibilities as collectibles.

    One seller has repeatedly had some great Proof Cards, Box proof sheets, and the coolest of all, box-figure art transparencies.

    Proof Cards have a kind of range, from simple one sided uncut printed cardback images, to what amounts to just about full production unused cardbacks. I personally prefer the uncut, one sided (back or front, preferable for the same figure-character) cards because they are pretty far from the actual released product, but full 2 sided die cut cardbacks can be cool as well, especially if they predate some sort of running change in printing or production.

    Box art proofs are a little rarer, and harder to distinguish from pics. Like, i have a cut proof for the Sky Raven, obtained from the original box art painter. He took a proof and cut out all the text so the image that was left was just the Sky Raven plane and blast pattern behind it. It was printed on cardstock. Recently on ebay, there was a box proof for the sky raven, a full uncut version, but it was on a more paper stock, similar to the released version of the box art (paper glued to a white box). It would be hard to tell what format a piece of art is printed on, and how close it is to a finished product, from a pic.

    And third, Photographic Transparencies. These are GREAT, they show full, unblemised images of the original artwork, not a cardback or box front all littered with text and graphics. They can also be used to reproduce the art as a photo print if sent to a better Photo Lab (not Kmart). The set back would be that they are not wholly exciting on their own, as some that have shown up have been really small, 4"X6", and just don't display well on their own, or at all without a lightbox behind them.

    Fourth, box art. Straight up paintings, done by box art painters, that we all drooled over as kids, and that helped flesh out the characters, actions, and overall fun of each toy we looked at. They don't pop up often at all, but are great to find when they do.

    There have been a couple of recent significant finds of these particular types of pieces resulting in great collectible items and a better understanding of how things were done "back in the day" at Big H.
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    Quote Originally Posted by krymsyngard666
    Dan and Drew really are the kings of this realm, I can barely compete, but I have been really into some random prototype-type items that have, within the last year or so, become more plentiful on ebay, and offer some great possibilities as collectibles.
    First off, which Dan? Secondly, I know you have a pretty sweet collection of the design and prototype stuff which easily stands on its own two feet.
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    Licensed Merchandise (non-figure/vehicle) like towels, Coleco ride-on toys (sleds or bicycles) , vintage child clothing, and an original Konami Arcade game.

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    I haven't figured out my top ten but this item would certainly be there: - Great screenshot archive ;)

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    one of my favorite joe items has to be the 1982 metal lunchbox. it has such great artwork all the way around. another item would be that tv tray with the tomahawk... oh that Starduster cereal was cool too. hmm all having to do with food... :P

    oh and i remember having those walkie talkies too, they were really cool.

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    I've never seen that VAMP Toy-box before, great idea, I might end up making one (or a few) but giving them a Stinger paint job instead.

    Just to clarify, I know that the box mentioned isn't a custom, but it might be worth the effort.
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    I dig most of the role play stuff (I only have Ghostbusters roleplay items right now)

    I also would have to add the old school puzzles (Especially the 84 mural one!)
    I like to put them together them drop them in frames

    I've got the 84 mural
    3 of the other mural (I'm only gonna frame the bottom half though)
    The Tunnel Rat one with the Tomahawk
    and an Action Force one with 1985 vehicles battling in the desert (Haven't ever seen a US version of it)


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