Anyone else having issues with E-Bay E-mails?

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    Anyone else having issues with E-Bay E-mails?

    For the past couple days I have not been receiving notices of sales or PMs from e-bay, but I am still receiving daily watch notices and favorite e-mails.

    Am I the only one that is having issues?
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    I had this problem last week but they seem to be getting better now.
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    I did notice it as well. Same things happening, laggy emails for Messages, but I still get the watched items and search results evry time.
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    Happened to my older account before, which is why I gave it to a friend with a new password and changed the contact e-mail. Still have no idea why I could no longer send or receive e-mails using that account.
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    I have been having a TON of trouble writing to winnners of auctions. I even told them to check there spam control and it wasn't in there spam folder. Its frustrating because people think you are not keeping up with things.
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    I forwarded them a spoof e-mail (eBay Reminder: Complete your listing before your draft expires!) and they replied saying it didn't have the full headers needed to trace the true origin of the e-mail. Their system is screwed up
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