I have for trade or sale:

-2000 toys r us Locuts MIP.

-2001 toys r us Night Landidng Craft.

-Spy Troops Air Assault with Barrel sealed (battle point was carefully cut).

-Frostbite Rock Slide driver still in bubble.


-Low-Light file card.
-Sonic Viper back pack and 3 pieces mortal.
-2002 Skull Buster sound attack machine gun.
-2002 Shock Viper sound attack laser rifle.
-2002 Headman black hand gun (used for others figures too).
-Destro blue back pack from accessory pack #4.
-2001 Fast Blast Viper small missile.

From accessory pack #3 :

-Blowtorch back pack and weapon.
-Recondo back pack.
-Roadblock back pack.
-3 helmets, blowtorch, Mutt & Ripcord.
-Baroness rifle.
-Scrap Iron gun.
-Mutt Gun.
-Zartan gun.
-Thunder monocular.

Personal colection VHS Movies, in great condition in original boxes. Excellent quality and audio.

Jackie Chan Collection in English:

-City Hunter.
-Mr. Nice Guy.
-Project A 2.
-Rumble in the Bronx.
-Shanghai Noon.
-Who Am I?
-First Strike.
-Operation Condor 1.
-Operation Condor 2.
-Dragons Forever (In Chinese with English subs).


-Die Hard 1-Bruce Willis.
-Die Hard 2-Bruce Willis.
-Die Hard 3-Bruce Willis.
-Lethal Weapon 1-Mel Gibson & Danny Glover.
-Lethal Weapon 2-Mel Gibson & Danny Glover.
-Lethal Weapon 3-Mel Gibson & Danny Glover.
-One Riot, One Ranger-Chuck Norris.
-Invasion USA-Chuck Norris.
-Code Of Silence-Chuck Norris.
-Unforgiven-Clint Eastwood & Morgan Freeman.
-The Rookie-Clint Eastwood & Charlie Sheen.
-Fire Down Below-Steven Seagal.

English with Spanish sbustitle:

-Black Mask-Jet Li.
-The Prisoner-Jackie Chan.
-Gorgeous-Jackie Chan.
-Rush Hour 1-Jackie Chan.
-Rush Hour 2-Jackie Chan.
-Men in Black 1-Will Smith.
-Men in Black 2-Will Smith.
-Greedy-Michael J. Fox.
-The Frighteners-Michael J. Fox.
-Above the Law-Steven Seagal.
-Glimmer Man- Steven Seagal.
-Eraser-Arnold Schwarzenegger.

1997 Fox Spiderman VHS animated movies in excellent condition and original boxes, like new:

-The Venom Saga (60 minutes).
-Tablet of time (80 minutes).
-Insidious six (100 minutes).
-Spider Slayer (80 minutes).
-Neogenic nightmare (80 minutes).
-Mutant agenda (100 minutes).
-The Sins of the fathers (80 minutes).
-Revenge of the goblins (80 minutes).
-Forgotten warriors (100 minutes).
-Secret wars (100 minutes).

Lot of 17 Christian Music Cassettes like new, excellen audio:

-Dc Talk-Supernatural.
-No Doubt-Petra.
-We need Jesus-Petra Praise 2.
-House of Love-Amy Grant.
-Speechless-Steven Curtis Chapman.
-The World as best as I remember Vol 1-Rich mullins.
-The World as best as I remember Vol 2-Rich Mullins.
-Favorite songs of all-Phillips, Craig & Dean.
-Second Hand Clothing-Eli.
-Anybody Out There?-Burlap to Cashmere.
-40 Acres-Caedmon’s Call.
-Steady On-Point of Grace.
-The Waiting-Unfazed.
-A2J-According to John.
-Kansas-Jennifer Knapp.
-Songs from The Book-Various Artists.
-Streams- Various Artists.

I have pics of all, email me if interested, for trade look my want list in wanted section, thanks.