TMNT fans -- I need help (OK, it's not TMNT - what is it?!?)

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    TMNT fans -- I need help (OK, it's not TMNT - what is it?!?)

    Does anyone recognize this toy? I think it may be TMNT...

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    im not 100 percent sure but thats not a tmnt.

    can u give me the date manufacturer.
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    Um, the jpg's named exosquad.jpg. I would check out the Exo-Squad toyline....

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    I don't think it is..

    I don't think it is from the TMNT line. I know where your coming from though.. to me at first sight it looked similar to that ridiculous robot thing Krang stood up in.. ah well..
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    It's not Exo Squad, at least not any Exo Squad item produced in the US.
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    I might add that I now know the foot copyright says "copyright 96HB LGT."

    So, I'm guessing it's not TMNT or Exo.

    Any idea what HB LGT is?
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    I swear that's an Exo-squad but I can't find anything about it either, maybe it's from Battletech?

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    I'm willing to bet this is from The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest based on the copyright info (96 Hanna-Barbera Lewis Galoob Toys)
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    Cool! Thanks for the info guys!

    Sure looks like it fits in really well with Exo Squad.

    Anyone tried to put an Exo figure in this thing? I'm guessing since Jonny Quest figures are close to the same size they fit pretty well?
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