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    Hose Length

    I have been putting any black hose I find in a bag. I would like to match the hose up to what or who it goes to. There are many different lengths. Looking on Yojoe, they are only listed as "long hose", "short hose" and such. I am looking for exact lengths of the hoses. So if you have a hose that you KNOW FOR SURE came with a figure or vehicle, please list it for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Propadeutic
    Here's the guide I use for ID'ing hoses:

    1 1/2" standard hose: 1988 Astro-Viper [x2], Hydro-Viper [x2], 1989 Dee-Jay, 1990 Laser-Viper [x2], Range-Viper, Rock-Viper, Metal-Head [x2], Undertow, 1991 Desert Scorpion, 2000 Undertow, 2001 Rock Viper, Shadow Viper [x2], 2003 Rock Viper
    3" standard hose: 1989 Scoop, Frag-Viper, HEAT Viper, Wild Boar, 1990 Freefall, Pathfinder, Stretcher, 1991 Sci-Fi, Incinerator, Snow Serpent [x2], 1998 Snow Serpent, 2002 Sideswipe, Blowtorch, 2003 HEAT Viper, Laser Viper
    6" standard hose: 1984 Ripper, 1985 Airtight, Barbecue, Tele-Viper, 1986 Mainframe, Sci-Fi, Dr. Mindbender, 1987 Fast Draw [x2], Techno-Viper [x2], 1988 Toxo-Viper, 1989 Deep Six, TARGAT, Barbecue, Python Tele-Viper, 1991 Sci-Fi, 1992 Psyche-Out. Two of these were also included in Battle Gear Accessory Pack #6. Also with some vehicles, such as the AWE Striker.
    Note: standard hoses too thin to use are probably post-2000.

    1 1/4" 'spiny' ammo belt (silver): 1990 Pathfinder [x2]
    2" flat, 'spiny' ammo belt with hollow rectangle at each end (black): 1991 Red Star, 1998 Col. Brekhov
    2" flat, smooth ammo belt with hole at each end (black): 1991 Crimson Guard Immortal [x2]
    2 1/8" flat, ribbed hose (green): 1988 Lightfoot
    2 1/8" flat, ribbed hose (black): 1989 Lightfoot
    2 1/8" flat ammo belt with hole at each end (light grey): 1990 SAW-Viper
    2 1/8" flat ammo belt with hole at each end (gold): 2001 Zartan
    2 1/8" flat ammo belt with hole at each end (silver): 2003 SAW-Viper
    2 1/4" thin ammo belt, no holes (gold): 1990 Sub-Zero
    2 1/2" round, segmented hose (black): 1989 Frag-Viper
    3 1/8" thick, round, ribbed hose (black): 1988-89 Charbroil
    3 1/4" ribbed hose with telescopic sight (light grey): 1989 HEAT Viper
    3 1/4" ribbed hose with telescopic sight (black): 2001 Fast Blast Viper, 2002 red Shock Viper, 2003 HEAT Viper, and several versions of CLAWS
    3 1/2" flat ammo belt (light grey): 1989 Rock & Roll [x2]

    I haven't cross-checked these with WHOBIT, but they seem to match what I've got on my figures. I have noticed that Yojoe.com seems to use the same picture for 1 1/2" and 3" hoses.
    I got this list from this thread

    Hope it helps
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    That is a great list. How about playsets and vehicles. I am especially looking for the exact length for the Terror Drome. I have found everything for it but the hose. 100% complete, here I come!

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    Checked two of my hoses for the Terrordrome and one measured out to 10" 3cm and the other measured out to 10" 1cm

    So I'd say about 10" seems to be the norm


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