Hasbro UK same quality as Hasbro US?


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    Talking Hasbro UK same quality as Hasbro US?

    I've searched for similair topics with no such luck so I thought I'd just come on out and ask.

    Some where in the recesses of my mind I recall that when Hasbro took over the figure productions for GI Joe in the latter years of the original line that aside from the packagaing the figures were basically identical to the US version.

    Am I correct? Reason I ask is I bought a 1989 Stalker MOC on a UK card thinking that the figure itself when freed from his prison is indistinguishable from the US version.

    Of course after I bought the figure then I started wondering where that voice came from that told me that and if I'm questioning the voice then how do I know if he was right.

    Really, I'm not crazy.

    So are they the same or can you tell the difference when placing a loose US 1989 Stalker next to a loose UK 1989 Stalker?

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    I always thought...

    It's my understanding that the figures were pretty much made in the same factory just distributed with different packaging.. that said I aint no specialist.. this is merely my understanding all figures were made in china etc.. then distributed from the factory in Newport, Gwent with Uk Packaging.
    I sometimes.... can be awesome?

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    They are, for all intents and purposes, the exact same quality. Same plastics, same Hong Kong/China factories, same toys and quality.


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