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    Quote Originally Posted by Deogg
    I couldn't possibly agree with you more. The SWM rules would be perfect. Too bad Wizards of the Coast pretty much dropped GI Joe though.
    I don't think a CCG was a good move for the Joe line. Joe is all about ACTION! When I think of G.I. Joe I do not think of sitting around with a deck of cards.

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    GI Joe movie + Miniatures game

    I hope (and suppose) that when the movie comes out, there will be a HeroClix/StarWars Miniatures-like game for GI Joe.

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    im still hoping for a gijoe chess set
    They say it is ok to talk to yourself as long as you don't answer. But sometimes you need to have intelligent conversations.

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    The problem with that game is you can't use all the cool big vehicles. I have every intention of doing this game at Carnage Con this fall. I've sold a lot of stuff in my own collection due to space and changing my focus but I'm keeping lots of stuff to use in this type of game including sand bags, crates, etc...should be a blast.
    ReilToys has closed - thanks for all the memories guys!


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