Star Wars minor characters w/ figures

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    Star Wars minor characters w/ figures

    As I stated in the Rank the Star Wars movies thread, I've been watching the Star Wars movies whenever they've been on recently.

    I'm not sure, but I seem to remember some of the minor characters (even those only on screen for a few seconds) having figures made of them, even back in the day when the original trilogy first came out. Am I wrong in thinking this? I wish Hasbro had the same policy with not-so minor Joe characters (Billy anyone?)
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    Vintage Star Wars may have had a few minor Charachters like the Ugnauts or something but nothing like it is now. I'm sure they've done every figure from the Cantina Scene in ANH by now, even people who only got their arm or antenna on film and nothing else

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    That's why I'm really surprised they haven't made a new Beru or Owen. (I know they made a POTJ Beru, but nothing based off the AOTC Beru or Owen.) There are some cool looking colorful podracers out there right now that I thought were great choices for figures.

    I want, but can't seem to find at a reasonable price, a WA-7. Sounds stupid, but it's a cool Jetsons-like concept for a waitress.

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    There were a few vintage Star Wars characters made that did not get a lot of screen time, though for the record there are still MANY cantina and Jabba's palace patrons yet to be made. But ever since POTF2 in the late 1990's, Hasbro has done a very amazing job at generating even the most esoteric of background characters. There's even a small movement in the Star Wars action figure collecting community to get a toy made of Ice Cream Maker Guy AKA Willrow Hood, this dude seen in one scene in ESB running through the halls of Bespin holding something that looks like a white plastic ice cream maker after Lando gets on the intercom and tells everyone to evacuate Cloud City. The character I think even made the top ten list when fans got to vote on a character to be made (Darth Revan, an ancient Sith from either a comic book or video game, I don't keep up with the expanded universe stuff, won).


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