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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobraghostship
    Mine is a Heavy Metal w DNA certified mic
    What exactly is "DNA certified"?

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    wow everyone has some really great stuff, im not much of a moc collector or in bagiie collector,

    my rarest thats in my collection now, and not on its way is probably
    i have a few c-9 micky mouse cc's
    c-9 viper pilot
    c-9 satan
    c-9 red jackal
    c-8.5 red laser
    c-9 hardtop
    and of course all the early storm shadows and snake eyes but those arent rare, and 10 or so prototypes but nothing extremely rare

    these are all 100% complete unbroken

    on the way i have a few uk tiger force, tunnel rat, pyshe out, hit & run
    c 8.5 cobra de aco,
    c 8.5 cancelled walmart exclusice hiss driver

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    Originally Posted by Cobraghostship
    Mine is a Heavy Metal w DNA certified mic

    What exactly is "DNA certified"?

    i think he justy means authentic because there are plenty of fakes out there and a few people just making hard to find items that arent hasbro released

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    I recently got a mauler/ with Heavy metal and his mic for $15. I know the mic is real cause I didn't pay for the fact that the seller knew it was rare.If he was giving me a "deal" at $75 or something, I'd maybe think it was a fake but they sell comics and occasionally buy cheap toys in bulk so to them it was just an accessory. The mauler was missing a few pieces though. oh well

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    I don't know how rare they are, but a have a few harder to find figures.

    Cobra de Aco
    Bazilian Cobra Invasor
    Brazilan B.A.T.
    MOC Korean Destro
    MIB Mexican Destro
    MOC French Dr. Cortex (Dr. Mindbender)
    MOC Chinese Undertow
    MOC Australian DEF Headhunter Stormtroopers

    I have more, but can't think of them at the moment.

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    i know for sure the brazilian file cards you have arent easy to come by, plus the invasor is pretty hard to find as well, nice collection

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    My rare would be my de-aco. Thanks DON

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    My rarest Joe is a custom old sculpt Snake Eyes figure given to me by a fellow Yojoe board member. Its one of a kind and its the best Snake Eyes I've ever seen.

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    An extremely played with Crystal Ball
    "The scriveners and scribblers are not the keepers of the canon, the audience is. If the public doesn't like it, they blot it out of the collective consciousness, and make it go away"

    Larry Hama, Snake Eyes Deconstructed (March, 2006)

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    Rarest Joe.

    The light blue cobra soldier from brazil w/ straight arms

    A mint cobra de aco.


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