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    my MOC Street Fighter Movie Edition Ryu Hoshi (though he's not really a Joe)
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    Great to see pics of your rare items.

    My rare ones would be Dolphin, Moondancer, TF Hit & Run, 2 TF Outback and Starduster all are C-9 and 100% complete.
    MOC Action Force Snake Eyes V.2, MISB AF Zartan and swampskier and some Swedish, Norwigan and Finnish MOCs.
    http://www.samlastarwars.nu/forum/vi...=1164&start=25 look for piximan whit the cobra symbol and there you can see some pics of my collection!

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    This might now qualify as a Joe per se but I have the Gi Joe fieldphones- I cannot seem to find anyone who has those. I think my dad scored them at Radio Shack in 1985. They were two pretty simple telephones. He ran phoneline between the one in my room and the one in the living room. He or my mom would call my brother and I when they needed to check on us.

    Figure wise- I guess my tan grunt from the hangglider.

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    I'm something of a Newbie here so bear with me - what is a "mic"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LRRP
    I'm something of a Newbie here so bear with me - what is a "mic"?
    Short for microphone. The little piece of plastic that sticks in the holes on the sides of some Joe's heads. Like Hard Top, Lift Ticket, Heavy Metal, Sneak Peek, etc.

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    Thanx ToyHunter

    I was just getting the hang of some of the lingo, "MOC = mint on card," "MISB = Mint in Sealed Box.

    Of course "mic" means just what it says - "microphone!

    Now I feel stupid.

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    hhhhmmm.... I would say relatively speaking, My Steel Brigade v1 complete with filecard (that I sent away for back in the day) would be my rarest piece.

    But the question is kind of subjective. Like the v1 Destro that I picked up on a trip to a neigboring town (at a Woolworths.) On the way home I argued with my mom that he was actually from Mars. (Hey, I was a kid at the time, cut me some slack) Yes there are millions of v1 Destro's out there, but THIS ONE is unique and one of a kind to me, making him worth more money in the world.

    And then my v1 Baroness that I found at our local Gibsons in the fall of '84. I was estatic about it, but the only downside was that someone had swiped her backpack. My dad talked them down a $1 because of that. Again there are millions of v1 Baroness' out there, but THIS ONE is the one that made me happy that day, and gave someone for Cobra Commander and Maj. Bludd to argue over.

    I could give tons of examples. I guess rarety is in the eye of the beholder.
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    I guess the Rhino Snake Eyes might be fairly rare....I don't know. It doesn't really matter now because I customized him

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    Night force shockwave for now, but other rares on the way

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    My top 16

    Here's my top 16: (Iknow its a long list and they're not all super rare)

    Mint Cobra de Aco
    Mint in bubble Quarrel
    Mint in bubble Red Laser
    Loose Red Laser
    AFA 85 Mickey Mouse CC with unpainted belt
    UK Steeler
    Red Jackal
    Uk Spirit
    MIB Version A Starduster with red back filecard
    MIB Version A Starduster without filecard
    Canadian dark red Crimson Guard
    MOC AFA 85, 80, 90 Storm Shadow with an extra short short in the bubble (2 total)


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