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    Well, I have a few rares that I am proud of.
    1. Mint on Bubble Red Jackel
    2. Mint on Bubble Red Laser
    3. Mint on Bubble Quarrel
    4. Mint on Bubble Hunter
    5. Mint on Bubble Blades
    6. Mint on Bubble Jammer
    7. Mint on Bubble Guacho
    8. Mint in Bag Moondancer
    9. Mint in Bag UK Mutt with knife
    10. Mint on Bubble straight arm Clutch
    11. Mint on Bubble straight arm Grandslam
    12. Mint in Bag and in Mailer Box Goldhead Steel Brigade
    13. MOC Korean Cobra Officer
    14. Mint Loose Cobra de Arco
    15. Poor loose Cobra Immortal
    16. JD Race Car Driver
    17. MOC Satan
    18. MOC Ninja-Ku
    19. MOC Superhero
    20. Mint Loose Heavy Metal with Mic
    21. Mint Loose Viper Pilot
    22. MOC UK Mutt
    23. MOC UK Spirit

    I also have some prototypes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by j.ruben
    Hello, i have been living in Mexico since '83 and collecting gi joe ever since and i never saw that version of snake eyes at any stores MOC or loose. I´m pretty shure it´s not mexican or maybe it´s just painted.
    It's definitely Mexican. I personally found it, along with several other Auriken figures, during a street fair outside of the La Mole comic convention in Mexico City in 2004. It has the worn Estrela date stamps found on all Mexican figures produced by Auriken and is exactly the same as the other Mexican Snake Eyes figures i have owned, except for the silver visor.

    As i said previously, it's entirely possible that it is painted but IMO it's highly unlikely. The paint is worn, which, in the photos, may make it look like it's handpainted but the paint was definitely applied using a spray mask and not a brush. And as i also said, the paint perfectly matches the silver used for other Cobra figures and is just as delicate.

    Lastly, being a collector for a long time in your home country doesn't eliminate the fact that new items pop up all the time. In 15 years of collecting GI Joe and SW figures, i have personally uncovered several items from Canada that neither i, or any other Canadian collectors knew existed until they turned up. That's the wonderful part of this hobby...new things are still discovered all the time. Whether or not this is a legit variant remains to be seen but considering where the item was found and that other Mexican collectors have seen them in the past, it's more than likely that it is real. Either way, it's an interesting conversation piece.
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    wow topson i would have to say so far your collection of rares is winning, i would love to see some pics, sounds awesome

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    YoJoe! Web Staff dryhawk37's Avatar
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    Yellow Major Bludd (have 2 of these, 1 MOC, 1 loose comp.)
    Purple Ripper (have 2 of these, same as above)
    Firefly (have both weapons variations MOC)
    Iceberg (portrait card)
    Stalker (caucasion, have 2 of these, 1 MOC, 1 loose comp.)
    Red Buzzer (loose comp.)
    Reverse logo Gung Ho comp.
    Psyche Out vehicle pack in (COPPER) have 2 of these
    Blaster vehicle pack in (green/orange) have 2 of these
    Blue Snake Eyes (have 2 of these)
    MMS boxed (have 2 of these)
    Ripper vehicle pack in with light green/purple spots (probably the rarest of them all!!!)

    Midnight Chinese:
    TF Steel Brigade
    White Undertow
    Blue Skullbuster
    plus 25 others

    James Desimone Racecar driver and Starduster (police) comp.
    Jinx MOSC
    Un-con Budo (Alyosha) comp.
    both Sacramento show figures (2 of each)
    Black Ice (mint comp.)

    Blue Storm Shadow MISB (argentina)
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    i have a moc pdd also but ive never heard the term midnight chinese but do have some of the ones you have listed there, where did this term come from

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    YoJoe! Web Staff dryhawk37's Avatar
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    Someone here I believe actually coined the term. It is because most of those "unproduced" figures were believed to be stolen from the Hasbro factory at night by the workers, thus being created at "midnight" in China.

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    Transformers have the same sort of thing but they call theres lunch time exclusives, they personaly believe that the chinese make these figures in there lunch break to sell for lots of money out of work, so they dont really class them as transformers as they are not realeased by hasbro or takara, but collecters still pay big bucks for them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TOPSON
    19. MOC Superhero

    I also have some prototypes.
    Ive never heard of this.
    Do you have any more info/pics?
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    Funskool Superhero?

    If so it is one of my fav figures it links both of my main hobbies together Joes and Superman...

    heres the link...

    Thanks for a second chance!

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    hay skyline do you think anything like that happened with joes, like maybe ron conners blonde guy, or maybe even any others


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