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    sadly the answer is yes, but unfortunatly we just dont know, with the likes of tiger force steel brigade and the argentina blue storm shadow figures, nobody really knows where these came from there is just lots of guessing, and thats the way it will be, its looking like it seems really easy just to do a good custom paint job on a figure then stick him on a board and say yeah this is one of a kind and the blokey at hasbro said so, the items like the lunch time Transformers and the lucky draw transformers is one of the main reasons I stopped collecting them.
    Thanks for a second chance!

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    thats thats kinda how ive felt about collecting some of those kinds of joes, if there not catagorized and dont have a story with them i try and stay away from them also, unless there have been so many pop up, that you just have to assume they were just scrapped for whatever reason


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tattoo Shane
    It's definitely Mexican. I personally found it, along with several other Auriken figures, during a street fair outside of the La Mole comic convention in Mexico City in 2004. It has the worn Estrela date stamps found on all Mexican figures produced by Auriken and is exactly the same as the other Mexican Snake Eyes figures i have owned, except for the silver visor.

    As i said previously, it's entirely possible that it is painted but IMO it's highly unlikely. The paint is worn, which, in the photos, may make it look like it's handpainted but the paint was definitely applied using a spray mask and not a brush. And as i also said, the paint perfectly matches the silver used for other Cobra figures and is just as delicate.

    Lastly, being a collector for a long time in your home country doesn't eliminate the fact that new items pop up all the time. In 15 years of collecting GI Joe and SW figures, i have personally uncovered several items from Canada that neither i, or any other Canadian collectors knew existed until they turned up. That's the wonderful part of this hobby...new things are still discovered all the time. Whether or not this is a legit variant remains to be seen but considering where the item was found and that other Mexican collectors have seen them in the past, it's more than likely that it is real. Either way, it's an interesting conversation piece.
    I have seen the Snake Eyes piece that Shane is talking about at his place during my travels. It does look legit.

    My rariest figure: White Mortal

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    its not rare persay but its one of my holy grails.
    carded red satan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete The Greek

    My rariest figure: White Mortal
    i think that takes the prize.
    Any pics? I love that version of Mortal (cant stand the other version.)
    "Empty yourself of ego, ambition, attachment and fixed ideas about the way the world is. It is ... as it is.
    Come to terms with this Truth (it is as it is) and life can be faced with tranquility and be neither pessimistic nor optimistic but realistic."

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    pete the greeks white mortal by far takes the prize, that is the rarest joe known as of now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icebreaker
    The Budo/ Shang Tsung ninja force guy. Probably not very rare, lol.
    have a pic?
    looking for Satan´s Left Arm, the figure not the devil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abeDAN
    have a pic?
    Probably this one: http://www.yojoe.com/archive/actfig/mk/shangtsung.shtml
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    So far I have everything mentioned except for many of those mentioned by dryhawk and Pete Da Greek. The only other rare figure not mentioned that I have is the UK Crimson Guard Immortal. Oh and the Argen 7 they havent been mentioned yet and I have most of them. I dont have the Mortal though. I am looking for 1 if anyone has 1 for sale or trade ( must be in pretty descent shape).
    Parts needed --- buy or trade!!
    Night Striker -- vertical veins & horizontal veins
    Dreadnok stinger -- Drivers door
    CAT -- gun tip, battery cover

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    yeah me to ive had most mentioned as well, please all check my wanted list for the rest of what im looking for



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