What is your rarest joe?


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    What is your rarest joe?

    thats basicaly it, just want to know what your rarest joe, maybe you have something that you think could be but isnt listed anywhere or you just dont know if its real, or maybe you have a white mortal, im just wondering what your rarest or most prized possesion is

    mine is on its way and ill share it in this post when it shows up

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    Mine is a Heavy Metal w DNA certified mic

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    yeah that happens to be the last or one of th last domestic joe's im looking for in my collection, hes tough to get, i saw one sell recently for like $150 or so, w/o the mic he's booked at 8 or so, kewl thanx for the reply

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    I'm guessing mine's a toss up between 3 figures:

    UK Stalker
    UK Quarrel
    or my MOC 1983 Cobra Soldier

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    Mine would be either Rumbler or Starduster. I've had them both since I was a kid, not sure which one is more rare.

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    Talking UK Quarrel and Red Jackal.

    Mine would be the two mentioned in my title. I have them both now and they cost me 50-75 pence from a boot sale many moons ago. Quarrel
    Red Jackal
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    I don't know I have several different I guess you could say desirable figures:
    I have a complete Starduster, Steel Brigade, UK Hunter, UK Red Laser, and several Cobra Mortal rereleases. To me any figure I didn't have as a kid is rare so as I acquire them they all become priceless. Also have Sneak Peek, Heavy Metal, and Lift Ticket with Mics. And Rumbler w/helmet no gun.
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    My best

    1 is 1982 Mujor Bludd mint in baggie
    2 is 1982 C.C.'s mint in baggies

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    I have UK Stalker- although hes in a state.
    UK Jammer- in very good con.
    Red laser.
    Also have Sneek Peek, Lift-Ticket and HM with their mics.
    Not really all that rare, but since Ive had most of them since childhood, they're valuable to me.
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