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    Quote Originally Posted by Net-Viper X
    Calling me lazy because I would use a repro is personally insulting. Its not about the trouble of hunting them down, its the trouble of paying $10 for a tiny piece of plastic when I have other things more important to pay for. Should I have to go with unarmed soldiers because my family life comes first? Thats seems very selfish to me.
    That's why it's called collecting collectible action figures. Truthfully, there is at best, half a dozen US domestic figures that are semi-difficult to find. Collecting is about money - either you can afford to have a complete, mint condition collection or a semi-complete but still rewarding collection. It's up to the individual collector.

    But I personally take offense when collectors who strive to achieve perfect, well documented collections are chastised for putting their money where their mouths are; all the while other casual collectors and profiteers do everything possible to negate that effort with cheap reproductions because they are not WILLING to make the necessary investment of time and resources. Everyone has priorities in life, but saying yours are of a higher moral value then mine is an argument that holds no water because of personal bias.

    Quote Originally Posted by Net-Viper X
    I would much rather pay a little and have my guys be complete than blow my whole wad on two guns and still need ten more. Real ones are just plain expensive, and anyone I know would say someone was a complete idiot for spending that kind of money on one little tiny toy gun.
    Again, it is a difference of values and priorities, you're stating that your values are superior to that of other people's because you are, by your own words, looking to collect on the cheap. If that were the case, wouldn't it be just wonderful if we all could have the entire 1982-1994 line for a meager $100? Wow, what a fun fun thanks. I'd rather work at my hobby and enjoy it instead of just shopping for it and walking away. It's the investment of time, the hunt, the drive to collect something worth while that brings me both pride and joy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Net-Viper X
    For me its not about being original, its about looking original so my guys kick [edited] in the display case. I fully understand the diehard collectors being upset at these things, but please dont insult those of us that cant afford the real thing but want our guys to look complete. Perhaps if a letter was written to this guy making the guns, to put some form of engraved marking into the gun (his logo on the stock or something) maybe he would do that and it would make them incapable of being passed as the real thing.
    Different strokes for different folks. But don't act like your priorities are the majority. Most collectors are in this for the long haul and don't want to own everything in a year's worth of searching and buying. It's something that takes a life time. Most of us have been at this for over ten years and don't mind if an accessory costs $xxx.xx - it's a journey worth the effort. I recently paid a hefty price for a steering wheel for my Action Force Panther/VAMP jeep. Why? It's just a bit of yellow plastic, right? No, to me it was the conclusion of a 10 year goal to own a mint, complete AF Panther jeep.

    Reproduction parts are lazy, and I'll say it day and night. It hurts the whole reputation and reliability of collecting G.I.Joe, it is an act that will forever keep collectors and the brand as seen as immature and full of kids instead of serious collectors who are ready for serious collecting and collector-specific items. Nothing good can come of it.

    (But don't lump reproductions together with items like Marauder Inc.'s - Those are after market, same scale items and those cannot be mistaken for original OEM accessories and parts).
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    Quote Originally Posted by RedClaw
    No, it is lazy on the part of someone who buys an exact reproduction. Instead of collecting as a hobby it a "gimme gimme gimme now now now cheap cheap cheap!" mentality, something that in the long run is bad for any collectible or associated line.

    Lazy is exactly the word I would choose when it takes someone six years to find that perfect Hardtop w/ gun and mic and some jerk remakes them exactly and then sells those reproductions for $20 a pop to people who don't care enough about collecting to search them out.

    Lazy sir, lazy.
    Oh, lazy in that sense. Yes, it is lazy.

    The only reproduction that I've ever seen was the black microphone for Heavy Metal, and those are only a dollar each.

    Still, it's better to do without one than buy an exact replica. I wouldn't buy a figure that has accessory pack weapons, let alone one that has knock-offs. Of course, the only real trouble comes from those who would actually sell a figure in their collection, with a repro part, and pass it off as an original. Few true collectors would do that, but it is best to never open the door on repro-parts at all.

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    Sir, your taking things way out of proportion here. I never once stated my priorities where superior to anyones, just that I dont have enough money for both and the family has to come first for me. And I have chastised noone about having a full catalogued collection, I think thats awesome, and if I had the time and money, mine would be that way too. I have spent thousands over the years on my joes. I have been collecting joes since 82 when they came out, and that is where I got the majority of them new at the store. I love collecting and dont plan on stopping any time soon. My complaint was about being called lazy because I cant afford now to spend $10 on a rifle for a figure I got for less than $3 when he was new. Once apon a time I spent every extra penny on my Cobras, but now I just dont have the extra cash. Its not like Im gonna slap them on ebay with a big $$$ and try to get rich. These guys are for my personal enjoyment. A lot of my figures have lost the weapons over the years and I would love to replace them but at the prices of real items it just wouldnt be a possiblity for me.

    I made no attemp at a personal attack upon you. I wasnt trying to offend you or the community, I was just trying to explain and or justify why I would use these rifles and how it would help my personal collection to be more satisfying to me. Sorry for the offense.
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    for me its like frauding your collection if you have repros, if i had a mess of guys that needed weapons i just get them legit weapons from other joes or something, for me its 100% the thrill of the hunt, locating unlocatable items, finding the rarest of the rare, having most importantly for me having a 100% complete and unbroken collection, everyone has different values of what thier collection should be, and i dont care that people have or even sell repos, i just know down the road when our granchildren have our collections ( hopefully never get sold) but proabably will, someone will get hosed on a repo part, for me my collection will never leave my hands, or at least untill i have grandsons to take over the hobby, i want all my joes pass'd on from generation to generation never being sold, just enjoyed, thats just how i feel,

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    Interesting thread. Personally, I don't have a problem with repro parts as long as people who sell them let the seller know they are repro and not try to pass them off as original. I personally would buy a repro for my collection if I wanted it. You simply can't define what are good and bad collecting habits and pass off as fact to the rest of the community. I would take a repro because I enjoy having the figures in my collection and putting them on display. I don't have to achieve a long term goal to get a geniune satisfaction. Don't confuse this with instant gratification, it's not. It is simply having different priorities which goes well beyond just collecting GIJoes. I have other responsibilities and other hobbies I enjoy and I choose not to put a all my efforts into obtaining a particuar piece of expensive plastic. If that is what someone else chooses to do, I am not going to say anything to discourage that. It just isn't important to me.

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    Is the situation really bad, though? Repro-parts for G.I. Joes seems like a rarity to me. Again, other than the odd microphone, who's going to buy reproed Joe accessories.

    Now, I hate to say bad things about people, but this GENONEGUY can be a bit of a trouble maker, particularly on Transformers message boards (hence his screen name). He is infamous for his rants against reissued, G1 Transformer toys. I hope I don't get myself in trouble for saying this, but it must be known.

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    I have said this before, but one of my last pieces is a Heavy Metal with Mic. I will probably only buy him from a collector on the board. I just do not want to end up with a repo part.

    If the part is a different color, I don't have a problem with it (I won't buy it, but someone else might want it)
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    I think it's like a custom...but a little " illegal "!

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    You guys have to take a step back and look at what is the most important part about exact reproductions...the BIG PICTURE for the hobby.

    Repros destroy collectible hobbies (or at least seriously erode confidence & interest in the hobby)

    It's sometimes hard to see how this happens, but it's true. As exact replica's enter an hobby, the "collectible" aspect of the hobby wanes. New people who are entering into the hobby have to make a bigger effort in order to learn what is fake vs. what is authentic. This puts people off. Also, word of the difficulty in differentiation spreads to those on the edge of the entering the hobby, and dissuades them from entering. Why bother when you are looking to collect something authentic...and have to deal with the abundance of reproductions?

    There's sometimes discussion on this board as to what the "futre of G.I. Joe collecting" will be. Also, there's discussion as to how Hasbro will continue to promote or not promote the line. Well, ultimately it's the core base of collectors the will continue interest in the G.I.Joe brand.

    Why give people just another reason (reproductions) to not want to enter the hobby? So a handful of devious people can make a few bucks on Ebay? Is it worth it?

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    It would be best if repros should be labeled as such and made distinct from the originals. On the other hand I don't especially care that much. As I get older I find that collecting and the values associated with rare figures and tiny parts is ridiculous. I never collected for the sake of "collectible". In fact such labels turn me off. I collected fun toys. Something that has a purpose in its own right, not some stupid Franklin mint plates. If monetary value is the only reason a person's into GI JOE, are they really even a fan?

    If repro parts make vehicle shells restorable and figures look better without breaking a person's bank, that's not a bad thing to me.

    Eh, the plastics all gonna breakdown eventually, anyway. Stuff wasn't meant to last, toys from the 80's are decaying already. Sad truth.


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