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    Wink GI Joe Figure Contest

    Hello everyone,

    I revived my GI Joe collecting hobby about 7 months ago after taking a near 20 year break. I tried to find a good price guide online and could not locate one. So I made my own. It took me 4 months to finish the figures. Next I will start the vehicles and add foreign figures, among other things. But anyway, to promote the site, I am giving away a figure each month. Depending on the success of the promotion, I may start to give away $20 to $30 figures.

    Thank you for you time,

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    How does one participate in this giveaway?
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    I hate to be the party pooper, but isn't this just asking to be spammed?
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    You earn "Joe Points" by first joining the Price Guide related message board and then posting comments, forum topics, photos etc. Whoever has the most Joe Points each month gets the figure prize. I'm just trying to encourage traffic to the new site. If you make a site and no one visits, does it really exist?

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    GIJoeCollector: Please explain. I'm all for constructive criticism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by green firefly
    GIJoeCollector: Please explain. I'm all for constructive criticism.
    There was no disrespect intended. I think that your site has some great potential.

    It just seems like earning points for the number of posts/referals, etc. could lead to abuse by people just wanting to win the contest. Junk posts, false referals (multiple accounts), etc.
    Guillaume le Conquerant - GIJoeCollector - YoJoeDavis

    "SWEET DONKEY!"-- The Maniacal Smile

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    Cool Problems

    No offense taken at all. I totally agree that there could be problems because of the way the contest is set up. I am prepared to change the rules if necessary. I'm just hoping that a relatively inexpensive GI Joe figure (as opposed to a $50 Amazon gift card or something) will only appeal to true fans and collectors.

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    im already a member and i totally agree about that the free figure thing might attract some of the not so true fans but as long as you monitor the board you should be ok

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    great site

    i like your web site very much ,ive been looking for a place to find the value of things.nothing worse than finding out you gave away something good for something thats not as valuable.two thumbs up.

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    Already loving the site...sweetness.
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