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Hi all,
We wanted to tell you about a few new things going on at SMALLJOES.COM.


SMALLJOES.COM was recently able to purchase what we believe is probably the last remaining inventory of a variety of Lanard's 3 3/4" action figures and vehicles from the mid-90's through 2001 time frame. During this period Lanard produced some of their finest 3 3/4" articulated action figures for the Corps! military line as well as STAR Force, Emergency Rescue, Construction Crew, Action Rescue, and WOW Girls.
We strive to bring you the most interesting products in 3 3/4" and 1:18 scale and it is our pleasure to now offer to you these rare, hard to find figure and vehicle assortments for the last time at retail pricing.

* Lanard Corps!
* STAR Force
* Emergency Rescue, Construction Crew, Action Rescue, and WOW Girls
All of these "vintage" offerings are available in very limited quantities only. Generally, ten pieces or less of any given listing. Once they're gone, they're _really_ gone. Over half of these listings never saw widespread (if any) retail exposure in the United States. We do not anticipate that these items will ever be produced again.
Lastly, beginning the week of January 21st and each week thereafter (for about four weeks) we'll be listing some very old, rarer, and other miscellaneous Lanard 3 3/4" items on eBay. This week you can find the rare Corps! Animal Patrol figures, STAR Force Space Cowboys(!), Lazer Force, and some other things.
The eBay listings are here:


The Viper Pit 6-figure set is back in stock.
We're told by Hasbro that we should be able to get more of the last assortment of comic 3-packs (#44 and #101). Watch the web site for a possible re-listing of this product.
Still no word on wave 4 DTC figure assortment, sorry!
We've listed several new GI JOE comic books since our last newsletter update. Note also that we've moved the GI JOE vs. Transfomers comics over to their own section on the site.
* GI JOE: America's Elite #19
* GI JOE vs. Transformers IV: Black Horizons #1 (of 2)
* GI JOE vs. Transofmers III - special UDON-exclusive covers set
* GI JOE: Dreadnoks Declassified #1 (of 3)
* GI JOE: Special Missions #3


The 1:18 scale MiG-15 and F-86 Sabres are in stock now, as is the TBF-1 Avenger Torpedo bomber.
Also just stocked are the brand new 1:32 scale Corsairs and Stukas!
Opel Maultier and Opel Blitz German WW2 trucks are now available in 1:32 scale.
Lastly, we have a few new pieces of the latest 1:32 scale diorama figure sets - German Infantry, British Infantry, and German 7.5cm cannon emplacement.
Watch for more new 21st Century product in 1:18 and 1:32 scale, coming soon!


Superman (comic version) and Supergirl have been restocked.
We also stocked three new items from the Micro Action Kinnikuman wrestler series.

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Thanks for reading, and we hope you'll stop by and check out the site soon.