Next 25th Anniversary Figure - Gung-Ho!

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    Next 25th Anniversary Figure - Gung-Ho!

    Official Hasbro 25th Anniversary Announcement - round four!
    Hasbro officially released pictures of the next 25th Anniversary line - Gung-Ho!

    Official Figure release here!

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    I gather they gave ok to post him. These are getting better and better.

    The head kinda reminds me of Sgt. Slaughter maybe useful for a possible custom
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    And here I thought my Joe collecting was slowly coming to an end. This will actually mark a milestone in my Joe collecting, though, because up until now I have only ever bought COBRAs, but I'm definitely getting all of these. As I said somewhere else on this board, this is what I've wanted Hasbro to do with GIJOE since they relaunched the line. I couldn't be happier with them!

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    By far the best figure yet in my opinion i cant wait to see who else they come out with how many figure are supposed to be in this line exactly ????


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