need some parts to complete some vehicles

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    need some parts to complete some vehicles and figures. figure parts too-revised

    94 lifeline knife
    07 storm shadow v22 bow and backpack
    83 apc dashboard,
    82 vamp steering wheel
    86 stun engine cover
    08 destro v19 pistol
    89? night force muskrat sled
    89 battlefield robot hovercraft antenna
    87 pogo long propulsion tube
    90 capt grid iron elbow pad
    1985 eels airhose
    1989 gnawgahyde knife
    87 bf 2000 vindactor hovercraft front left cannon, engine cover
    1985 airtight air hose
    87 bf 2000 marauder motorcycle tank radar dish, rear motorcycle wheels w/hubcaps, black wheels for under tank (dumbbell wheels),
    93 robo joe launcher
    09 flint v15 2 piece shotgun
    rope that goes to the vehicles example like the 93 mudbuster or ice snake launcher.

    also looking for worn figures or figures with broken parts (i call them junker figures) let me know
    I can offer store credit at or buy straight out if its priced right .
    Contact me at [email protected] or here, thanks
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    updated. thanks

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    way overdo for a bump and updated it.

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    waist piece for a stinger driver (the enemy) can be discolored but i need it unbroken.
    rifle for 82 and 83 cobra officer and trooper
    breather hose for 86 wet suit

    85 battle bunker grey base
    90 mobile battle clip

    lmk i owe you for the seat still but i do have the clip still

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    Wolf Parts I have
    Torpedo x1 ( stickered as #1)
    4 x red missile
    2 x side ski
    Gun mount

    night raven-
    launcher pod x1
    left gun for the mini plane (from rear)
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    PM sent regarding WOLF parts.... lmk.. thanks!

    - Jd.

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    i want to appologize. last time i updated i was overwhelmed with offers. i will do my best this time to answer everyone that responds. thank you

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    updated with more items needed


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