Questions for Mark Powers & Mike Bear

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    Questions for Mark Powers & Mike Bear

    Does anyone have any questions for the incoming creative team of G.I.Joe America's Elite? We will be conducting an interview with the writer, Mark Powers, and the penciller, Mike Bear, toward the end of the month, and we would like to open it up to questions from the forums.

    Here are some links for reference...

    Comic Book Resources Interview

    America's Elite 21 Solicitation

    America's Elite 22 Solicitation

    America's Elite 21 Page 1

    America's Elite 21 Page 2

    America's Elite 21 Page 4

    America's Elite 21 Page 5

    America's Elite 21 Page 11

    Please keep your questions civil, and try not to ask anything already answered in the linked interview above. Not all questions will be used, so make them good!

    Please PM me your questions, I'll take them until February 17th!
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    For Mark: You've stated you'll be drawing on elements set up in previous series -- does this include the Marvel run and are there any story/character ideas you remember for that which couldn't be used at the time but which could be worked into America's Elite?

    For Mike: were you already familiar with the GI Joe universe, and if so do you have any particular favourites in terms of characters and their varying styles from over the years?

    And thanks for that link to the CBR article, Jeff -- the preview in the back of AE #20 had got me quite excited and now I can't wait for the next issues...!

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    How About A Timeline?

    Maybe instead of the character bios, one or two issues could feature some event timelines. At least the post-Marvel issues. Longtime readers can see all the plot threads but for the newer readers it might help to draw them in more.

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    writing from Afghanistan, U.S. Army

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    I agree with the timeline idea...I had no idea who Vance Wingfield was in the first AE storyline, kinda threw me off.
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    How about retconning the rogue Red Shadows from Battle Action Force? The Black Major is a fantastic character. When Palitoy switched to Hasbro in the UK his comic persona simply refused to die and I love him for it:

    There are more stories he features in, but this is his essential timeline.

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    New Blood???

    Mark Powers: I'm already excited for issue #23 with the return of Flint, will we be seeing more Joe's making special guest appearances or cameo shots? And will the main team face any restructuring during your run, like the addition of more members to the team? Could you give us any hints as to who you have planned or would like to use if possible?

    Mike Bear: My question is similar to the first one I asked Mike, if not written will you try to insert other Joe's, like lesser used or more obscure ones into the background? This is something a lot of fans wanted and liked to see in the book. (By the way from the previews your art looks great)

    Both: Who is your favoirte character?

    (and if you could maybe use sci-fi more in the comic that would make me really happy as a fan...joking...but it would be sweet.)

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    Mark Congrats on the new position. I don't know if I have per say questions, but i definatley will put in my 2-cents on what I would like to see.

    Starduster (never been in the toon or the comic)

    the Red Shadows (see the Barons info) the Black Major is an awesome character and deserves to have some story time.

    Oktober Guard ( I know Daina is with the joes now and almost everyone else is dead as is the cold war)... maybe it can be a flasback issue or 2

    Flint (non-punisher version)

    More cameos by the Joes giant cast.

    Less Ninjas more military

    And I'm one for LESS Sci-fi elements in Joe (other than the character, lol)

    Looking forward to reading what you are giving us. I am always thankful that even though I may not like them all, that I still have GIJOE to read. Thanx Again.
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    any plans to bring back the letters page?
    sure there are message boards, and i guess there is the "old news factor, but
    1. its nice to read others thinking the same thing.
    2. its tradition, well it used to be.

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    This is really a great new team: I'm very happy!!!

    More action, more military action, less political complots, less cameos, more legendary Joes, more old & new vehicles (like "special missions") and one hope: the incredible return of LADY JAYE!!!

    As I can see Bear is a good artist: the style is very dinamic...
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    I definitely agree that the Red Shadows were a great idea, but I would love to see them tied back into the original Action Force run.

    I could see the DD Shadows as a group that took the name, and the original Shadows (from the UK) coming back to stake their claim.


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