BUY BUY BUY: 200+ figures new and old sculpt added

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    BUY BUY BUY: 200+ figures new and old sculpt added

    THE DOLLAR SHOP (any of the items here are 1 buck each or less. Most of the figs are waiting for custom salvation and can be missing thumbs or broken crotches etc. Ask in detail about something if you can use it or you might be dissapointed. ) (FOR MY SAKE PLEASE 5 buck minimum on all stuff worth 3 dollars or less. PLEASE!)

    Figs (no acc unless noted)

    1. Deep Six v1
    2. Tiger Claw (x5)- just fig (skirt included) (I thought it was kinda clear but these are fresh out of the box and in mint shape, as are the Storm Shadows. They are cheap only because I got them on clearance so I don’t need to sell them for more then 1 dollar. Storm Shadow’s accessories are mint too)

    8. Storm Shadow Ninja Battles (x7)-
    11. Headless newstyle Corps bodies (x3 .50 each)
    Take the following 4 for 2;
    13. Shadow Ninjas Nunchuk
    14. Shadow Ninjas Snake Eyes
    15. Shadow Ninjas Night Creeper
    16. Shadow Ninjas Bushido
    18. Crazy Legs v1

    21. 92 Gung Ho

    29. Major Bludd v3

    Capt. Grid Iron
    32. BBI Kids line Pilot type fig
    35. Voltar
    36. 93 CC (black original version of all these remakes)-HOLD

    46. Nemesis Enforcer
    55. Storm Shadow v3

    58. Xamot Body with head of Steeler v1
    60. Red Action Attack Bison
    61. Movie Edition Guile from 2 pack

    63. Movie Edition Ken Masters
    64. Law v1
    65. Banzai
    66. Dee Jay v1

    69. Neo Viper v1

    71. Random LBC army fig (Tunnel Rat torso, RR head, duke arms)
    72. Dial Tone v4 (excellent shape but no head)-HOLD
    73. Duke v16
    74. Star Brigade Destro
    75. Law v3

    77. Movie Edition Ken Masters

    80. Cobra Commander v3
    81. Dee Jay v1
    82. Shadow Ninjas Nunchuk
    83. Metal Head v1

    87. Laser Viper v1

    92. Gi Joe Extreme Inferno v1 (with accessories)
    93. Gi Joe Extreme MetalHead v1 (with acc)
    94. Cobra Commander v17 (with 1 small gun great shape)
    95. Eel v1
    96. heavy duty v4 (with gun)
    97. Storm Shadow v11 (with 2 knives)
    98. Duke v13
    99. Dr. Mindbender v4
    100. Storm Shadow v10 (with knife)
    101. Cobra Slice v5 complete
    102. Frostbite v4 (with gun and stock)
    103. Duke v16 (with knife and wrist comm.)
    104. Red Spot
    105. Kamakura v2 (with wrist thing)
    106. Wetsuit v7 (with helmet and flippers and backpack)
    107. Cobra Commander v17 -HOLD
    108. Crazy Legs
    109. Big Boa-HOLD
    110. Crank Case-HOLD
    111. Mainframe
    112. Croc Master-HOLD
    113. BAT v1-HOLD
    114. Snake Eyes v2-HOLD
    115. Tiger Force Lifeline-HOLD
    116. Battle Armor Cobra Commander v3
    117. Ripper v1-HOLD
    118. Wet Suit v1-HOLD
    119. Voltar
    120. Xamot v1
    121. Bazooka v1
    122. Storm Shadow v3

    Guile Torso ($1)


    1. Many Spring Loaded launchers and rockets. (PM about what you need)
    a. Launcher .50
    b. Launcher and rocket (or rockets) .75

    b. Cobra Infantry Backpacks
    c. Claws (from Dart 2 pack) Sound Attack Rifles
    Sci Fi v2 Gun in Black (.25 cents each)
    Neo Viper black missles (.10 each)
    New sculpt VaV wrist communicators (.10 each)

    3. Individual Acc. (prices vary)

    b. Hydro Viper Eel (1)
    c. Hydro Viper Helmet (1)

    i. Heavy Duty v4 BP (.25)
    j. 97 Stars and Stripes Variant Zap BP (1)

    l. 92 Gung HO BP black x2 (.25 each)
    m. Freefall BP-broken back tab, good for straps (.25)

    o. Green Roadblock 84 BP 2 piece (.50)

    q. Silver Saw Viper Giganto Gun x2(.25 each)
    r. 85 Lamprey Gun tab busted strap there (.25)

    t. Zarana Silver Gunx2 (.25 each)
    u. 92 Gung Ho Big Gun x2 (.25 each)

    w. Large Chap Mei Guns (Various .10 each)
    x. Sonic Law BP missing cover .25
    y. Talking Stalker BP still has screws .25

    aa. Sonic Fighters Viper BP (broken back tab. Good for customs) (.25)
    FOLLOWING acc and acc sets 1 price of 8 (plus 3 extra bp’s)
    bb. Psyche Out’s bp. (1)

    dd. Snow Serpent v1 AP BP and 1 AP Snowshoe (1)

    ff. AP Beachhead v1 BP (.50)

    hh. Fast Draw rocket, carriage and hose (1)

    iv. AP v1 Lowlight gun with bipod (1
    v. Psyche out or NF Psyche Out Pistol (1)
    vi. Sonic Law BP (great shape and still works)-.50
    vii. Eel v1 pair of flippers (1)
    viii. Eel v1 backpack (1)
    ix. accessory pack baroness backpack (.5)
    x. Major Bludd v1 acc pack bp (.5)
    xi. black 3 piece nunchuk thing originally came with snakes eyes v3 (.5)

    Medium Bag of Figure accessories-15
    Includes 2 night force backpacks apparently and a few other rarer odds and ends

    VARIOUS Stuff

    Random medium/large bag of None Joe Street fighter figs (Akuma, Bison and Ryu, and what looks like Cammy with cloth and plastic acc from same line)-5 or best offer

    Random bag of Star Wars, Gi Joe Extreme, and other none 1/18 joe figs and parts -10

    SF movie edition figures
    Movie Edition Dhalsim-Near Mint condition- 6
    Movie Edition Blanka (with weapon)-mint shape-3
    ME Edmond Honda Complete mint shape-4
    RARE Variant Bison with red cape COMPLETE!!-5 (x2)
    ME SAGAT Terrific shape comes with cinderblock thing-4

    Movie Edition Dhalsim-Good condition nothing broken, some ware, comes with some acc (launcher and crossbow and maybe more)-5

    SGT. SAVAGE LOT OF FIGURES-15 for all of them (all in terrific shape, will also include Savage helmets and guns from another lot if all of these are purchased in one lot, as well as a few extra Savage figs)
    Iron Stormtroopers (Mint condition out of package)-3 each
    Combat Sgt. Savage(mint)-1
    Dynamite (mint)-2.5
    Cryo Freeze Sgt. Savage (mint)-2.5
    Jungle Camo D Day (great condition)-2.5
    Cyborg General Blitz-1
    Urban Dynamite (minty and with bike and gun from bike)-2
    Cyborg General Blitz (minty with gun)-1
    Jungle Camo D Day (Minty)-1
    Battle Command Sgt Savage (minty)-1
    Cry Freeze Sgt. Savage (minty)-1
    Commando Sgt Savage (minty)-1
    Arctic Stormtrooper (with whistle bp, launcher, 2 hoses)-1

    Star Wars lot of figs-$5(have pic)
    Han in winter gear
    Tie Pilot
    Headless fig of what I think is Jango Fett (w backpack)
    (I won this lot: )

    SAS guys-2
    Space Force-2
    Q force-2
    Z force-2
    Baron IronBlood-5
    Original guys 3
    Black Major-5

    6 $ and UP!!!

    1985 Crimson Guard x3 Complete (great shape) –15 each-(HAVE PIC)-HOLD
    Iron Grenadiers v1 x4 complete-15 each
    Iron Grenaiders v1 x2 with black gun and sword x2- 12
    ShockWave v1 Complete-10
    Lady Jaye v1 complete-8
    Dial Tone v1 complete-6
    Crimson Guard v1-6
    Crimson Guard Immortal v1 (with Bp both guns and 1 missle and UNBROKEN CROTCH)-10
    Interrogator v1 (great shape)-6
    Cobra Officer v1.5 (no symbol and needs o ring but otherwise good)-6
    Cobra Officer 1.5 (symbol faded but still visible)-8
    Cobra Stinger Driver (symbol almost 100% THERE!!! Needs new O though)-8

    5 dollar figs
    Thrasher dreadnok thunder machine driver complete
    Ripper (original RAH one) Complete

    Hiss Driver-Great shape but no silver logo

    Countdown v2 Complete and in good shape
    BlackOut Complete
    Ghost Bear complete
    Sgt Airborne Complete
    Overkill v5 Complete (WITH SUPER COOL BRAIN SCANNER!!!)
    Duke v1 with helmet
    Lady Jaye v1 (needs new o ring)
    Iron Grenadiers v1 (x2 both need new o rings)
    Desert Scorpion (great shape)
    Cobra Commander v1 (ware to faceplate but otherwise in good)
    Baroness v1 (a little symbol ware otherwise good)
    Zartan v1 (with one knee pad)
    Cobra Commander v4 complete
    Wild Weasel v1
    Toxo Viper v2 complete

    4 dollar figs
    Major Bludd v3 great shape comes with all except for blaster and knife

    Action Sailor (black) Complete
    Zarana v1 (no earrings)-complete
    Charbroil v1 complete

    SF Crimson Cruiser Bison (WITH SHOULDER PADS!!!)
    Ace v2 (with helmet and black breather thing)
    Spirit v3 (Air Commandos)-
    Storm Shadow v1 (yellowy somewhat but unbroken and in decent shape)
    Toxo Viper v2 Complete
    Flak Viper v1 (all acc but no missles to launcher)

    Saw Viper v1 (comes with black gun)
    Ice Cream Soldier (just don’t have 1 missle all else there to go with a great fig)-SOLD

    SuperSonic Zap Complete and in great shape
    HeadMan v1 Complete!!!-SOLD
    V1 Firefly
    Rampage v2
    General Abernathy v2 Complete
    Night Creeper v10 (DTC Hiss driver)
    Ace v6 complete (Thunderwing pilot)
    Iron Grenadier v1 needs new o ring and has some ware but generally good.
    V12 Duke (with alley viper 2 part mask, armor, and inquire if they have more) x6
    Cobra Commander v14 complete
    Pit Viper v1 complete
    Heavy Duty v8 Rarer light skin variaint complete
    Tele Viper v3 complete

    Destro v1
    Firefly v1
    Range Viper v1
    Sonic Road Pig v2 with all acc but the sonic bp
    Cobra BAT v1 (no chest holo or acc)
    Tele Viper v1 (nice)
    Mega Vipers (with 3 guns, launcher and missle and stand)
    Cutter v1-SOLD
    Shockwave v1 (with backpack)
    Shipwreck v1
    Cesspool with gold gun, backpack, water gun and helmet (no breather thing)
    Frostbite v2 (tiger force)
    Snow Serpents v1 (x2 both have some ware but fine for army building, one needs new O)
    Crimson Guard v1 (has ware but hey it’s a CG v1 for 4 dollars : )
    Blue Old Dude Shang Tsung with all 3 gold weapons
    Snow Serpent v2 (with both guns, launcher and missle)
    Metal Head v2 complete
    Falcon v1
    Payload v3 complete
    Incinerators with backpack (great shape)
    Heavy Metal

    3 Dollar figs –
    Lightfoot (great shape, helmet, orange thing, green bp and handle)
    Snake Eyes v3 comes with blow gun (some ware but not a lot)
    CC v4 comes with all except for gold gun
    Roadblock v6 (helmet, launcher with missles and one gun)
    Dojo Complete (good shape)-SOLD
    v3 Storm Shadow Complete (good shape)

    Slipstream v1

    3. WetSuit v7 complete
    4. Ken Masters
    5 Roadblock v6
    Eel v2
    10. Cross Country v2 (x2)

    12. Ozone v3-SOLD
    13. Paratrooper Guile (busted crotch)

    22. Skidmark

    25. Wild Bill v1 (x1)-
    26. Beachhead v2
    27. Roadblock v2

    29. Sea Slug (x2)

    32. v1 Ace (probably from England)
    33. Wildbill v1 (probably from England)
    34. Shipwreck v2

    37. Wild Bill v2 (with hat, bp and stand)

    47. Lightfoot (with backpack assembly)
    48. Spearhead (with max, helmet and bp)
    49. Zarana v1 (with gun)

    54. Cobral Eel v2

    56. Scrap Iron v1
    57. Metal Head v1 (with helmet)

    60. Repeater

    62. Backstop (x2 both with helmet)
    63. Mutt v1 (with helmet)
    64. Ozone v1

    67. Low Light v3 (with helmet and visor)
    68. Super Sonic Psyche Out (v3)
    69. Mutt v3
    70. Stalker v5 (cool black hat version : )

    75. Eels v2 (with flipper, launcher with both fins and missle)
    76. Snow Job v1 (with bp)-SOLD
    77. Golobulus
    78. v1 Televiper (o ring needs replacing otherwise good)-SOLD

    80. Dice v1 Complete

    85. v1 Law (with Helmet, Order, and Leash)

    88. Bazooka v1 with bp
    89. Duke v3
    90. Ken Masters v2 (from the Dragon Fortress)
    91. BulletProof (all acc but the mic)-SOLD
    92. Zartan v2 Ninja Force (bow, sword, and 1 knife)
    93. Deep Six v3 (comes with flippers and Dolphin)
    94. BackBlast v1 (with launcher, handle and missle)

    96. Firefly v2 (with gun, launcher, and top)
    97. Mainframe
    98. Comic Pack Tunnel Rat (complete)
    99. Shipwreck v5 (probably complete, just ask)

    101. Hydro Viper v1
    102. Gyro Viper (x1)-, x1 SOLD
    103. Blocker v1
    104. Nemesis Enforcer
    105. Moto Viper v1-SOLD
    106. Swamp Rat v3 (complete)
    107. CrossHair v1 (with vest, belt, snipin rifle and green ghillie suit)

    109. Tele Viper v4 complete
    110. Night Creeper Leader v2
    111. Major Bludd v4
    112. Alpine v2 Complete
    113. Hi Tech Complete
    114. Hard Drive Complete
    115. Tunnel Rat V6 (all acc but no goggles)
    116. Swamp Rat v1 (all acc but black guns) x2
    117. Electric Eel v1 complete
    118. Cobra BAT v9 complete
    119. Firefly v8 complete
    120. Cobra BAT v6 complete (but no Ghillie suit)
    121. Recondo v4 complete (night force)
    122. Chief Torpedo (with breathing apparatus thing)
    123. Snake Eyes v19 (with wrist comm. Nunchuks and gun)
    124. v7 Beachhead complete
    125. Nunchuk v3 (with nunchuks and Ak gun)
    126. Snake Eyes v17 complete
    127. Dusty v6 (with webgear)
    128. Sand Viper v3 complete
    129. Greenshirts with helmets x5 (each different) have many guns for them maybe comp.
    130. Sand Scorpion v1 x2 complete
    131. Sgt Stalker v4 complete
    132. Razorclaw v1 complete
    133. Big Brawler v3 Complete
    134. Neo Viper Commander v2 complete
    135. Neo Viper v5 (vehicle driver so no acc so complete J
    136. Cross Hair v1 (with hat, belt, and webgear)
    137. Cobra Commander v16 complete
    138. Night Creeper v7 x2
    139. Double Clutch v1 (complete since no acc )
    140. Storm Shadow v15 complete
    141. Cobra Commander v10 complete
    142. Depth Charge v1 with flippers and chest thing
    143. Dart v1 with knife
    144. Dusty v9 complete
    145. Wild Bill v6 complete (helmet)
    146. Scarlett v4 complete
    147. Grunt v5
    148. Wild Bill v8 complete
    149. Footloose v1
    150. Frostbite v1 (x2)
    151. Slipstream v1
    152. Lamprey v1
    153. Cross Country v1
    154. Crankcase v1
    155. Barbeque v1 (x3)
    156. Major Bludd v1
    157. Leatherneck v1
    158. Snake Eyes v3 (all acc but no backpack and gun has busted hook)
    159. Copperhead v1
    160. Airtight v1 (x2)
    161. Heavy Duty with missles
    162. Salvo v1
    163. Wild Bill v1
    164. Viper v3
    165. Bazooka v1 with BP
    166. Night Creeper v1
    167. Ace v1
    168. Toxo Viper v1
    169. Tracker v1
    170. Blowtorch v1 (with bp)
    171. Roadblock v1
    172. Slice v2 with axe, spear and one of two knives
    173. Ozone v3 (all accessories except the shotgun)
    174. Blocker
    175. Eco Warriors Flint v3-SOLD
    176. Dojo (with stand, knife, and scythe)
    177. Downtown
    178. Sci Fi v1 with bp needs new o ring
    179. Tomax v1
    180. Dodger v1 needs new o ring but has his mic
    181. Roadblock v3
    182. SpearHead v1
    183. Zap v2
    184. Charbroil v1
    185. Stalker v3 complete (backpack removed but still works)
    186. Techno Viper v1 x2 (both have some ware)
    187. Zartan v2 (all acc except long sword)
    188. Ice Viper (has ware)
    190. Thrasher v1
    191. Dr Mindbender v1 with cape
    192. Night Creeper v2 with stand 2 knives, scythe, and short sword
    193. Dee Jay with backpack
    194. Blizzard with helmet
    195. Bushido v1 complete (great shape)
    196. Torpedo v1
    197. Snake Eyes v3
    198. Buzzer v1
    199. Eel v2 with gun
    200. Hydro Viper v1
    201. Skidmark x2 (random ware)
    202. Frag Viper
    203. Countdown v2 (helmet, 2 guns, knife, stand and missle)
    204. Darklon (some ware)

    2 dollar

    2. Slice v1 (x2, with knife)
    WetSuit v3
    7. LifeLine
    IG Destro (includes detached cape)
    11. CC 87
    Snake Eyes v5

    15. LightFoot
    16. Astro Viper v2
    17. 84 Zartan
    18. CC v10

    Big Boa (with punching bag)
    26. Croc Master complete-SOLD
    27. Action Marine (excellent shape)
    28. Lift Ticket
    29. Roadblock v2-SOLD

    32. Star Brigade Destro (x2)
    33. CC v6(x2)

    36. Firefly v3
    37. Ryu (x2)
    39. Major Bludd v3
    BackStop with helmet

    44. Fastdraw (with Visor)
    45. Psyche Out v1 (x5 all with antennas on head)

    48. Voltar v1 (x2)
    49. Crazy Legs v1

    52. TJ’ Bang (x2)
    53. Sonic Fighters Major Bludd v2
    54. Dojo

    56. Sneak Peak v1(x2)
    57. Budo v1
    58. Intoyz Swat Figs x2 (with vests and helmets)-
    59. Bazooka v1
    60. Crimson Cruiser Bison (busted crotch. X2)

    63. Red Dog v1
    64. Mutt v1 -SOLD
    Croc Master v1 (x3) –

    69. Tripwire v4 (x3)-HOLD
    70. Roadblock v2
    71. Fastdraw (with visor. I have 2 both with visor)
    72. Cobra Claws v7 (x3)-x3 SOLD
    73. Street Fighter Vega x1
    74. Sneak Peak v1

    77. Avalanche

    79. Stretcher

    83. Wide Scope

    85. Crystal Ball

    87. Rock and Roll v2 (with bp)

    90. Rampart
    91. Snake Eyes v6
    92. WindMill-SOLD
    93. Destro v3

    95. SkidMark
    96. Night Creeper v2 (comes with sword and sickle)
    97. Ozone v1 (needs new o ring)

    99. v5 Duke
    100. Rock and Roll v2
    101. Iceberg -SOLD

    103. Leatherneck v3
    104. Copperhead v1
    105. Hydro Viper v1 (helmet glued to head otherwise fine comes with fins, backpack and knife)
    106. Torpedo v1 with bp
    107. Cobra Claws Commander with helmet (x2)
    108. Sgt. Stalker v1
    109. BAT v14 (with 2 red hand attachments 1 bp and 1 gun attachment)
    110. Dial Tone v1
    111. Storm Shadow v2 (with bp and sword, something wrong with his arm)
    112. Zartan v4 (with hood and gun)
    113. Ripper v3
    114. Zartan v5 (with hood)
    115. Alpine v2 (with rope)
    116. Dusty v8 x10 (each comes with the webgear)
    117. Dusty v7 x3 (each with webgear)
    118. Sgt Stalker v2 (with guns)
    119. Flint v8 (with gun)
    120. CC v13 (with staff, harpoon gun and bp)
    121. Firefly v6 (with 2 guns but no soundattack guns)
    122. Tunnel Rat v4
    123. Coil Crusher v1 (with snake)
    124. Neo Viper v3
    125. BeachHead v4 (with 2 guns, the ones without soundattack)
    126. Neo Viper v6
    127. Neo Viper v4 (with sound attack gun)
    128. Recondo v3
    129. Heavy Duty v7 with handgun
    130. Kamakura v3 with wrist comm. And uzi
    131. Duke v11
    132. Roadblock v9 (Mission disk: with machine gun and handgun)
    133. Saw Viper v1 (broken crotch otherwise great comes with backpack)
    134. Astro Viper v1 (broken crotch)
    135. Eel v1 (broken crotch)
    136. Frag Viper (mouth tip busted otherwise great)
    137. Night Viper v1 (1 head tab and both leg tabs broken otherwise good paint and fig)
    138. Snake Eyes v2 (crotch broken otherwise great fig)-SOLD
    139. Maverick
    140. Frostbite v1-HOLD
    141. Dr. Mindbender v1
    142. Tomax v1
    143. Tele Viper v1 (broken Crotch otherwise great)
    144. Cobra Commander v5 (no backpack but has both guns and stand)
    145. Airtight v1
    146. Psyche Out v1 (with antenna)
    147. Ken Masters v1 (with long sword scythe and 1 knife and stand
    148. Storm Shadow v1 (new o ring needed, both thumbs there but part of 1 hand not)
    149. Storm Shadow v2 (new o ring needed, comes with backpack)
    150. Annihilator v1 (with gun. Unbroken fig but is painted in purple)
    151. Roadblock v2 with machine gun
    152. Destro v3 (with blaster. Nice fig)
    153. Slipstream v1
    154. Sgt Slaughter v1 (unbroken but upper body painted silver)
    155. Rock and Roll v2 (unbroken and nice but leg pegs missing)
    156. Super Trooper (broken crotch)
    157. Ferret (no left arm otherwise fine)

    Shadoloo HQ (incomplete, but do have pics and many parts)-3.

    HAMMER (95% Complete)-10

    Coastal Defender (Complete!!!!)-2

    Outpost Defender (STRUCTURE COMPLETE No crate with guns, included but broken antenna)-SOLD

    Cobra C.L.A.W. (both wheels, all flaps there and unbroken)-1

    Firefly’s built to rule Vehicle complete –1

    Torpedo BTR vehicle complete-1

    Arashikage Display Base (x6)- .50 for just the bottom piece

    Also have 9 of the Ninja Battles DVD’s and 10 of the comics-free with any order on request

    Another RANDOM BAG OF VEHICLE PARTS (from a different lot)-10
    Python Patrol Conquest Engine cover, Skystriker top wings, and more
    My Joes for Sale right here any loose fig 3 dollars or less:

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    I prefer paypal folks
    My Joes for Sale right here any loose fig 3 dollars or less:

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    I'll take the 27. Action Marine (excellent shape)
    What vesion is the street fighter vega? Also, I'll be going through the rest of your list later, I do not have time now, but keep the marine for me

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    there was only 1 version of vega
    I mean it isn't the movie version not for 2 bucks man

    ill hold the marine for you.
    My Joes for Sale right here any loose fig 3 dollars or less:

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    For some reason I was thinking there was 2 vegas (not counting the movies one)
    Ill take the Marine and 136. Cross Hair v1 (with hat, belt, and webgear)

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    6.75 via paypal to [email protected] should cover that shipping and paypal fees.
    My Joes for Sale right here any loose fig 3 dollars or less:

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    Gonna bump this up.

    Listen guys my pmbox is full so use email to contact me
    either the form on yojoe or [email protected]
    its the same box either way.

    Plenty still left
    My Joes for Sale right here any loose fig 3 dollars or less:

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    LowlightJoe, Tripwire, Natedog, Spike please contact me via email or post here when your packages arrive or if they have or tell me via email at [email protected] so i can update my list.
    My Joes for Sale right here any loose fig 3 dollars or less:

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    tried emailing you rasputin i did want those tunnel rat back packs for the 3.50 lmk whats up either on here or by email at [email protected]
    " Theres only one return and thats of the jedi" randel from clerks 2

  12. #10
    Sent you an email concerning some stuff I'm interested in


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