Selling my entire collection on Ebay

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    Selling my entire collection on Ebay

    Had a few feelers here, but I am moving out of state in 2 weeks and time is ticking. So I am posting all my collection on Ebay. It's under the ebay profile:


    have a looksy if you like, there is some great items on there and some rare ones too. This is my personal collection of 15 years so it's the best of the best that I have been able to aquire, which is pretty nice as I used to own a collectible toy store and had many many items through my doors and I kept the best ones for myself.

    Thanks for taking a look, I will ship worldwide and combine shipping on all multiples won.

    Thanks for you time!

    - Jer Stallings
    Jer Stallings [email protected]

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    Still adding items, have about 70 or so auctions going, will be adding WHALE, Skystriker, Rattler, Battle Platform and a bunch of driver figures and Tiger Force yet to day as well. Check them out under sinkittytoys , this is a moving sale as I can't take these with me =( Please give them some good kind homes!
    Jer Stallings [email protected]

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    Auctions ending this afternoon, check them out
    Jer Stallings [email protected]


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