DTC Cobra troopers in mass at TRU


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    DTC Cobra troopers in mass at TRU

    I have bought 10 of those bad boys in the last few weeks at various TRUs.

    I have not bought them on line due to the stupid prices several of the collector sites want for them 14.99?!!! At any rate...I must say the cobra trooper is my favorite DTC figure...he holds weapons well, he looks cool...and he has that cool AT weapon. NOt to mention, I can change a head with the range viper and create an officer in each respective component....since they did not make me one. Happy hunting.

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    Yes, I was pleasantly surprised to find DTC back in stock at TRU. I haven't taken advantage of it yet though.

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    i hated the figure. couldnt get his helmet to stay put

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    I found that not taking it off helps and if you puch down on it, it stays there with the ones I have. There are some other things you could do like putting a small amoung of ticky tac tape in it. That would make it stay.

    That to me is the best new sculpt figure from the waves. My biggest complaint is that none of the new sculpt can hold a weapon properly in the prone. Arrrghhh. I hate at the waist poses or the one handed machine gun pose.


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