Ask your Hasbro Q&A Questions here!

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    Ask your Hasbro Q&A Questions here!

    A new thread for future questions. Keep asking!

    This rounds questions can be found here.
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    still a very important question is the availability to canadian customers.
    also would like to see a set based on gi joe the movie. cobra la figures and vehicles. and unproduced joes. an updated dreadnok team, destros iron grenadier/mars series. or a tribute to the fallen series.(a set of figures who were k.i.a.) but most importantly we need the jugglers.

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    Is the current construction style going to be the new "standard buck" for 3 3/4" GI Joe figures or will you continue to experiment with different construction styles?
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    are these questions actually going to be answered??

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    1) Is there any possibility for either newly sculpted or re-released Vehicles for the anniversary?

    2) There was an article on that stated Sgt. Slaughter was contacted regarding the G.I. Joe line.

    Sgt. Slaughter, one of WWE’s most beloved Superstars of the 1980s, was also a celebrity spokesman for Hasbro’s G.I. Joe toy line and cartoons after leaving WWE. Hasbro has contacted him again to be a spokesman for the G.I. Joe line and he attributes notoriety like this to his role as a WWE Legend.

    What is Sgt. Slaughter's current status with Hasbro as refrenced in this article? Will he be involved in the 25th ann. celebration and will there be a new Slaughter figure for the 25th ann. line?

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    a couple of questions

    With the continuation of the GI Joe line in 2008, will the new figures be continuing in the new 25th anniversary body style, or will it be a mixture of new with repainted o-ring figures? I for one am hoping for a complete do-over in the new body style.

    Can we expect any kinds of pack ins with the figures? Coins? Medals? Stands?

    If any new vehicles are produced, will they be collector oriented focusing on detail/ authenticity (like BBi *crosses fingers*) or loaded with kid friendly gimmicks (sound chips, firing missles, etc.)?

    Any kind of marketing push to coincide with the continuation in 2008? Cartoon? Mail ins? Video Games?

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    Will the '08 figs have O-rings?

    Fors us customizers, will they be compatable with traditional figs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 82to87Joes
    are these questions actually going to be answered??
    We'll pick the five best for the next round, but yes - that's the idea.

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    when/where will the questions be asked and answered?


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