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    Check it out..not a common figure to find
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    WANTED: Two (2) clear visors

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    12 Motor Vipers That #$%&$#%&# Mike T made me want them

    Interesting Argentina items: Jhony Ques with "Cover Girl" and "Ripcord"
    My G.I. Joe Store
    $1.99 or less bargains! (with low prices in ALL categories)
    --» Wanted

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    look what i got for 5.00 at the sale today, my 3rd one. best part was i found some transformer guns inside when i took it apart
    Always wanted: Foreign figs, protos and test shots, and vs 1 BATs and parts.

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    The Battle Wagon is so Totally Underated.

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    It has been a great couple of weeks for me. I finally scrounged up a mint Thunder, finally got my first BAT v1, and then today I scored one of each of the new comic 3 packs. They are very sweet. I dont understand whey they used an "officer" torso for a "trooper" figure. I was also disappointed that Gorky's gun was molded to the holster. But all in all, I am even more impressed with them than I thought I was going to be. After reading comic # 44 though, they missed a gold mine, not putting BATS in there. I would have gotten all that I could have found!

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    Been waiting to pick one of these for a while. 2002 Convention Hiss Tank
    WANTED: Two (2) clear visors

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    here is my lastest ebay Actionforce figure
    David N Clark

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    Wink Hey well done!!

    Quote Originally Posted by David Clark
    here is my lastest ebay Actionforce figure

    Hey Dave!
    Excellent capture of Jammer there Very good pick.
    I recently picked up a shoebox & two bags full of toys.. mainly action figures varying from TF, TMNT, MOTU, Star Wars and The corps.. I will be of course putting them towards my ebay stock and they will be going on for bargain prices!!
    I need someone to ID some of them as my knowledge isnt that great of some of the series. I will be posting lonks in the offtopic section soon
    I sometimes.... can be awesome?

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    Alright, this goes out to all those people that think my $10 rule for a figure is crazy and I'll never get anything I just got, for less than $1 each:

    Heavy Metal
    Sgt. Slaughter V3 (Complete)
    Worms (Complete)
    Toxo Viper (Complete)
    Voltar (only missing gun)
    Annhilator (broken gun, otherwise complete)
    Iron Grenadier
    Outback (complete)
    Crazylegs (w/backpack)
    Hit and Run (w/backpack)
    Swivel arm Cobra Soldier (This is the one real casualty, green paint splashed all over him)
    Gnagahyde (w/ boar and hat)
    Road Pig (only missing cinderblock)
    Also got a complete set of accessories for Tunnel Rat!

    In total there were 43 or so figures, these are just the highlights and ones I had infront of me

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    Talking Check this out.

    I went car booting again on sunday. I managed to pick up some toys.. but also found this..
    Guard In Window:
    Its a cd/dvd/games storage unit.. designed like a castle.. or the front of one. I bought it for 50p as I intend to put front on it and design it like a propper castle for my joes. As you can tell it works great for joe figures it just needs the other bits adding to it.

    I also picked up these figures..
    There are some BBI elite force and corps figures but also some joes. I got a shoebox full of various figures.. all for just £3=$5.50
    Not bad eh?
    I sometimes.... can be awesome?


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