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    i finally scored the berserker wolverine............bets fig of any line to come out in a long time, best shs, looks sweet with my alley viper crew
    Always wanted: Foreign figs, protos and test shots, and vs 1 BATs and parts.

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    Well I just scored my last needed convention box set. I have the 15 figure box sets for '03, '04, '05, and '06 on order, but I needed the first Crimson set from '02. It cost me basiclly three pints of my own blood (meaning a lot ) but I got it and have them all now. Between buying this set and a MIB Defiant in the last few months I'm a little sick to my stomach at what I've paid for toys.

    I guess it's a good thing I gave up crack and prostitutes.......
    "Get a life will you people! I mean look at you, look at the way you're dressed. You there, you must be almost 30, have you ever kissed a girl?" - William Shatner

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    a few days ago I finally got my "joe holy grail". May sound alittle silly, but ever since I was a kid I wanted a "shielded Cobra Commander", hehe thats what I called him as a kid. I remember going to the stores, Kmarts and Hills and Harts and Hecks! hehe and always looking for one, but never never found a Cobra Commander. The only Cobra Commander ever in stores around where I lived was the 91 version 4 Commander, was one of the last Joe's I bought back then.

    I had to wait 20 odd years but I finally got the Cobra Commander I'd wanted as a kid. hehe first thing I did was to place him in my old fang. Today though I was replaceing the screws, wrapped around the Commander's neck inside the torso was a short lenght of string that perfectly matches the base blue color. Anyone ever found anything like that ?

    At first I thought maybe someone done that because the neck must be loose, but its not all the joints are tight. Except for alittle paint wear on the red strip where the hand rubbed against it, seems in perfect shape.

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    They arrived this morning YAY.

    I just got my shipment of figures in from BIGFAN!! Woo Hoo.

    Anyways heres the pics.

    Wild Bill, Gung-Ho & Snow Job
    Quick Kick, Jinx & Storm Shadow
    Sci-Fi, Low Light & Flint
    Mutt, Recondo & Roadblock
    Blizzard, Hardball & Lighfoot
    Topside, Recoil & Snake Eyes

    Thanks BIGFAN.. My collection continues to grow.. I sent you an email btw.. Tunnel Rat appeared to be AWOL
    I sometimes.... can be awesome?

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    good deal? i'm not entirely sure; i hope to sell the joes and keep the ig's for me
    Always wanted: Foreign figs, protos and test shots, and vs 1 BATs and parts.

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    I finally added a very nice, complete Conquest w/Slipstream, along with a C.A.T., something I've wanted for a while now. Thanks to a few fellow forum members, I also added a silver pads Grand Slam, near Complete Moray, tan Grunt, and a few incomplete Vipers, along with some much needed parts to complete a few vehicles. Shamless plug time.....still looking for these items too!:
    A most excellent idea sire!

    my Wants:

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    Now all i need to do is track down the '94 30th Anniversary figures and i'll be sitting pretty.

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    I just got a lot with the vehicles Tiger Shark and Tiger Paw. And the following figures... Frag Viper x2 comp, Night Viper comp, Ferret, Darklon, Anihilator comp, TARGAT comp, Shockwave comp and Alley Viper comp. All the figures are the original versions and according to the seller are in excellent to like new condition. The lot cost $ you guys think I did alright?

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    If they're in as good a shape as the seller claims ya did. L/M/C Night Viper and Alley Viper v.1 would've cost you 40 for the pair at one time.

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    spent way too much

    Well first off when it comes to things I really want I am a buy-it-now guy. So no real deals except for the 2 packs(for fig for 5 bucks). But in the pas 40 days I have landed:

    >5 thunderwing jets misb (sold one)
    >1 patriot grizzly loose complete (Bosskmr)
    >1 loose complete shirage, diana, Colonel Brekhov, with file cards no comic
    for 18 bucks (Bosskmr)
    >1 Pulverizer misb (snakestorm526)
    >1 night force grizzly misb
    >2 sting raiders misb
    >1 piranna attack boat misb
    >2 red night adders misb
    >1 night ops humvee misb
    >1 LRRP comic pack misb
    >1 Devils Due comic pack misb
    >1 SnowJob/SnowWolf two pack misb(for 28 shipped)
    >2 bumpers for the mobile command center(frozentundra)
    >1 neckslide for the mobile command center
    >1 tan dragonfly(forgot the name)(frozentundra)
    >6 single pack sand vipers misb (2 from hectorthecollector)
    >1 version 1 sand viper (dmurray)
    >4 sand vipers with gliders misb
    >1 single pack storm shadow
    >1 single pack Sgt. Stalker
    >1 single pack night creeper
    >1 single pack Baroness(super lame)
    >3 single pack Ace
    >7 gung ho/viper two packs
    >3 swamp rat/snake eyes 2 apcks
    >2 bombstrike/crocmaster 2 packs
    >1 Duke/overkill 2 pack
    >1 swamp rat/alpine 2 pack
    >3 Version 2 BATS
    >2 mail away BAT sets
    >1 cobra infantry 6 pack (for 30 shipped)got lucky on this one frombobman
    >2 version 3 Iron Grenaiders (hectorthecollector)
    >4 purple vipers (2 from hectorthecollector, cheers)
    >2 green vipers
    >2 viper lockdown sets misb
    >4 DTC SAW vipers (25% off with free shipping)
    >1 DTC monkeywrench (25% off with free shipping)
    >4 DTC Cobra Troopers (25% off with free shipping)
    >1 DTC Grandslam
    >1 DTC Low Light
    >1 DTC Salvo (super cool)
    >1 World peace keepers Black Hawk (for 16 )
    >1 desert Humvee misb
    >1 Sigma 6 Heavy duty (for 1 penny at TRU)
    >1 Cameleon with fc complete loose (10 dollars)
    >1 Double Blast with fc complete loose (4 Dollars)
    >1 Sidetrack (ambush) with fc, instructions, complete loose
    >2 Undertwo/Firefly 2 packs(1 for 10, 1 for 28)\
    >1 Whiteout/Big Ben 2 pack misb (6 dollars)
    >1 extra Whiteout (2 dollars)
    >1 Dogfights Gun (1 dollar)
    >1 version 1 Wet Suit (6 dollars shipped)
    >1 Wet Down/Wet Suit 2 pack misb(12 dollars)
    >1 Rockslide loose (4 dollars)
    >2 Shadow vipers loose complete
    >2 Rip It's with fc(for 8 each)
    >1 complete Mail away VAMP Mark II (for 13 dollars)
    >1 dusty/law & order 2 pack misb (8 dollars)
    >1 Low Light v.5 complete with fc (8 dollars)
    >1 Ice Viper complete, and very white (10 dollars )
    >2 Blue Alley Viper/Big Ben 2 packs (8 each)
    >1 Top Side complete with fc (shipped for 4 dollars)
    >1 Version 3 Lampreys (6 dollars)
    >1 Army of Darkness 2 pack (3 dollars, almost the right size)
    >1 version 2 Depth Charge misb
    >1 sand Scorpion (3 dollars)
    >1 complete Rattler (for 35 dollars)
    >1 Fast Blast Viper (5 dollars)
    >2 version 6 crimson guards (4 each)
    >2 DTC Ice Sabers misb

    I also paid for my convention set 233.30. Hotel with parking for 3 days 500.00. And won the box art contest (gijoe collectors club) for a free MOTH jungle set.

    Theres more but can't remember. I tell you this much though my wife is pretty angry. Then again she just bought a 300 dollar purse so I really don't care.
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