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    Rapid Fire

    Rapid Fire 1990
    found on a shelf in a comic shop in Northern NY

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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Storm View Post
    Rapid Fire 1990
    found on a shelf in a comic shop in Northern NY
    How much was he?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Storehouse View Post
    How much was he?
    It was roughly $40. I saw it online for about $50 open and missing the helmet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by getoe1 View Post
    Been awhile since I have posted anything here . My latest humble haul .
    Four shades of Lamprey--not bad! If you want to give the 2000 and Python Patrol versions a semblance of the '85 original's gun, Lanard's CORPS! has you covered.

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    Thumbs up my stuff

    cleaned out my moms attic of all my old toys and sorted and organizing and now price checking...
    some quick ebay checking looks to be well over $1000 since 99% is 100% complete, even with instructions and cards. i just need to replace all the rubber bands in the guys...

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    Your collection looks like it is in amazing condition, You definitely did not play with your toys like i did. BOOOOM!!
    Crystal ball army, 85 and counting! Accepting donations 

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