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    Quote Originally Posted by Shogi
    Yeah that's what I thought when I bought this

    I could care less about the other 3 but a Nitro Viper (Even with significant paint wear to his foot) for $4 is awesome!
    I have an extra pair of legs for Nitro Viper-I bought one from a guy and broke his thumb-I was Super Mad but then went and replaced the figure with another he had so I have all the body parts in good shape-check out my want list

    Quote Originally Posted by Average Joe
    Sometimes if you're patient, you get a great deal off of Ebay.

    Coldfront with mic
    Complete Ninja Viper

    I have an extra gun for Cold Front available-LMK if you are interested! Be sure to check out my want list.
    WANTED: Two (2) clear visors

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    Got my first AFA graded figures! Hooray! I'm totally excited, because not only did I get them for a great price, but I saved the shipping as I know the seller - only 15 min away.

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    I just got a cool Action Force Flint slide puzzle in the mail today shipped from the UK. I'm trying to get all the Flint-related stuff I can find, as I also have the wind sock and chap stick container. I still need that bubble bath dispenser and rubber stamp. . .

    Check it out:

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    I went to TRU today at lunch and found a Valor vs. Venom Night Creeper & Cobra Ninja Trooper 2-Pack underneath the shelving display! I went to buy it and it rung up as $0.75! Three quarters for a MOC Trooper Builder 2-Pack is pretty sweet!

    Also, I got a 1986 Roadblock, 100% complete Hit&Run, 100% complete Torch, 100% complete Mainframe, 100% complete Hardball, 100% complete 1989 Snake-Eyes, 100% complete Jinx, 100% complete Budo, 100% complete Hydro-Viper, Croc Master (only missing hose), Raptor (only missing bird), 1983 Gung Ho (only missing gun) and Iron Grenadier (only missing uzi) all for $40.00 from a dude that goes to my church and was selling his childhood collection. The figures are in at least c8+ to c9 condition, too!

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    Just scored an original VHS tape and cover of GI Joe The Movie from 1987. I watched it for the first time too, very interesting to say the least. That is where I got my new avatar . I paid 50 cents for it at a yard sale.

    Trade and Want List:
    My 3 3/4" Figure and Vehicle Price Guide:

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    Quote Originally Posted by flywheels
    Won this even has the little clipboard!
    LOL. I just got a little clipboard in a lot I just bought, I had no idea what it went to or if it was even a Joe part. Thanks for letting me know what it went to

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    Crimson Guard Luck...

    Just wanted to keep hope alive...

    After going 3 - 4 years not finding any Crimson Guards at local garage sales, I found one last week for $1 and then again this week for a quarter.

    After 21 years, they are still out there folks. Keep looking and you just might find one (or in my case, two!)

    Vehicle Parts Need List || Weapons Need List || For Sale Thread
    I played, ate and slept Joe as a kid and yet as an adult I still can't get enough of it! ! !

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    Last week i was in my previous neighborhood looking to see if previous address owner had sold house. I see a garage sale sign and follow signs in weaving streets. I see the sale. A guy is walking away from sale with a terror drome. I got out of car and found a table of toys. Under a heman box is a large box of Joes for 50 cents each. I grabbed box and looked around, The terror drome guy walks up after i paid $40 for 90 joes (got a deal). Nice guy, I traded him the mint AVAC with chute for the Worms figure in the firebat. He told me the 1st guy there got a flagg and defiant but ran outta money and was on his way back. Sure enough the guy zips back only to frown seeing us .

    Too many to list but highlights are:
    All original straightarms.
    Mickey mouse Cobra Commander(bad rubberband)
    3 steel brigade variants.
    Sealed Starduster.
    Nightforce (all)
    3 alley vipers
    a blowtorch in sealled bubble (cut off card)

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    i have just got back tolooking in yard sales, i havent sen a single joe/cobra in 5 days and i do atleast 15 sales a day.


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