Terror Drome question


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    Terror Drome question

    I am trying to decide what I should do with my sun damaged Terror Drome. The top level is almost completely yellowed and I am wondering about the possibility of disassembling and spray painting just that part of it. I am wondering what the original color would be. Would you consider it a white? An off white? Any suggestions for spray paints that my closely match the original color? What other pieces (if any) exactly match the top? This may help me do my own comparisons since it is mainly just the top that is sun damaged.

    I did look at online pics and videos but sometimes lighting can vary and I want some other input. I got my TD shell for free off the side of the road so it's no big loss to me either way, it would just be nice if I could get it close to original color.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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    I would paint it black.

    I have never put my terrordrome together but I always planned to make my crimson attack tank come out of one of the walls.

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    Have you thought about giving it a custom paint job? I've seen an ebay posting for a crimson guard terror drome; it was a combination of crimson, black, and silver.

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