25th Anniversary Scarlett arrived today!!!


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    25th Anniversary Scarlett arrived today!!!

    I received the 25th Anniversary Scarlett today! It is very cool and super poseable(over 20 POAs)!

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    Just out of curiousity, where did you get that from?

    Wanted : 25th anniv AWE STRIKER MIB w/ Crankcase

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetski333
    Just out of curiousity, where did you get that from?
    That's what I was wondering.....and where are her accessories?

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    Wow, she's way cooler looking than I thought she would be. A little cartoony but I think I like it that way. And yes I too wonder where the heck you got her.

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    Could you take a picture of the 25th Scarlett next to a vintage 82 Scarlett? I've been hoping to see a size comparison of a new figure with an old one, to get a better understanding of the size of the 25th figures. If you don't have a vintage Scarlett available, any vintage figure will be fine. Thank you!

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    I thought the figure looked good before, but these images are great. Love the extra knee articulation.
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    Out of curiosity, is that grenade removable?
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    How did you get that so soon? Do the accesories fit in the hands? How big is it? (Sorry if I sound like an Interrogator)
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    she looks great, i cant wait for these figures!


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