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    If it is PDD I will definately want one. How much do their exclusives cost?
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    It will probably be $10 or $15.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dockingbay97
    It will probably be $10 or $15.
    That's not bad at all. Especially if it's the Pimp.

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    I don't think its going to be an PDD. hasbro has giving an clue the figure name starts with an capital " R "

    Here an list of cobra figures that start with R

    Range viper



    Red Ninja viper

    Rock viper

    Royal Guard

    and not an troop builder figure as hasbro staded on MC

    Question #1: Is the exclusive a figure, and if so, what scale (2.5", 3 3/4",
    8", or 12")? Hasbro Answers: In light of the 25th anniversary celebration
    of G.I. Joe vs. Cobra, the exclusive will be 3 3/4".

    Question #2: Is the figure a G.I. Joe or a Cobra?
    Hasbro Answers: Cobra!

    Question #3: Is the figure a male or a female?
    Hasbro Answers: Male!

    Question #4: Is the figure a troop builder?
    Hasbro Answers: Nope!

    Question #5: Was this version of the figure released in the 80's?
    Hasbro Answers: Nope, more recent than that!

    Question #6: Are you finally doing a Billy figure?
    Hasbro Answers: No, it is not Cobra Commanders' son Billy!

    Question #7: Do collectors already have this figure or one like it?
    Hasbro Answers: We seriously doubt it. This figure is rare, with a capital "R"!


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    WE will see who it tomorrow around noon time(mastercollector time)
    David N Clark

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    i believe the r your referring to means r for rare R for really rare

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    sdcon figure

    i think its going to be blackout or wraith from the comic, what do you think?
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    I think it's going tp be rare with a capital "R" like Red Jackal.

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    I'm still sticking with my guess for a PDD...but we'll all find out soon enough!
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    Going by all the clues, (Gi Joe club & Joebattlelines) I would be very suprised if it is not some form of Destro. PDD seems like a good bet.


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