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    dont know if this would be classed as a custom [sorry if this is in the wrong thread,please feel free to move / remove as apporpriate] but i have a small doirama with a 2-man cobra trooper resolute recon team riding 1/18 scale yamaha ttr 250 enduro bikes [bikes are already cobra blue in colour] with repro cobra labels covering the racing numbers on the bikes,and to give them the proper dirt bike rider look i gave both of the troopers goggles from 2 of my spare star wars at at commander figures.the goggles fit the resolute troopers helmets no problem and they will fit both on the helmet and over the eyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falcone View Post
    I strongly recommend treating the figure before priming. Use Pine-sol, or something similar and soak the parts for a few days and then wash thoroughly. The figures have a clear coat finish on them from the factory, the Pine-sol bath removes it so the paint sticks better.
    Any One Know If This Is True? I Know They Have The Clear Coat..Just Didnt Know Pine-Sol Took It Off.
    If So TY For The Info.. Great Tip Falcone!!

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    I Never Owned A Sigma 6 Figure.. So Was Wondering How Easy They Were To Switch Arms Or Heads (if even possible) And So On....
    And As I Type This It Hit Me I Could Of Edited My Post Above...So Sorry For The Double Post =)

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    Any good painter?customizer out-here? M.A.R.S. made the H.I.S.S. , but we never had a " M.A.R.S. H.I.S.S. " or " Destro's Iron Grenadiers H.I.S.S. " (colors, logo, driver, etc) Would be epic ... no?

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    Can someone confirm if the helmet from 25th Flash/Grandslam/Starduster/Thunderblast (the helmet with visor) will fit tightly on the head from Whiteout v. 2 (figure from Wolf Hound).

    I have a custom I want to make which would require Whiteout's head and Thunderblast's helmet but I would like to verify they are compatible before I purchase them. Thanks.

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    What green-sleeved arms would be a close match to the green of the ROC Rampage's torso? And which bare arms would be a good color match for the head of ROC Thunderblast?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Storehouse View Post
    What green-sleeved arms would be a close match to the green of the ROC Rampage's torso?
    The Greenshirts from the 5-pack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falcone View Post
    The Greenshirts from the 5-pack.
    Thanks. How about the bare arm situation?

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    Anyone know if the 25th style helmets will fit the newer head sculpts for the O-ring style figures.
    The Crimson Guards with removable helmet from the OCS set would be a great example.
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