Finally ... The Gliders after 23 years are mine ......

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    Smile Finally ... The Gliders after 23 years are mine ......

    At last ......
    Dont know if you guys even care about the gliders but I love them

    Here are my two loose ones

    Heres my MIB Argentina falcon Glider

    And heres my MIB argentina Viper Glider .

    Still trying to track down a MIB US Viper Glider but I have a US Falcon glider MIB lined up (At least I hope I still do !).

    I can honestly say I love the gliders and wanted them more than anything when I was little . These are true 'holy grail' items personally to me , the many years about thinking about owning them , and then to finaly get them ..... Its almost indescribable .

    We never got alot of the cooler things over here in New Zealand so im getting all the things I wanted when I was a kid but could never have . Now im 27 I can finally get a few bits a pieces .

    Thank you guys for getting me enthused about Gi Joe once again and a special thank you to 2 special board members for helping me out in my glider quest .
    And to the 25th anniversary line , though not yet released those proto pics pulled me in and now im hooked all over again

    YO JOE !!!!
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    Wow! It's awesome to see gliders be given such cool display prominence!
    Congrats on getting them! And thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and your pics! Very nice indeed!!!


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    Very cool. These are something I always wanted to chase down but just never get around to.
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    Awesome stuff!!

    I'm almost at the same stage as you dude!
    I'm looking for a viper pilot with a glider and falcon's glider.

    Viper Pilot is number one on my target list atm.

    Back to you.. congratulations on getting these they look really great and thanks for sharing this great experience with us!

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    Very nice and congrats on getting them. I had one of the gliders as a kid but it didn't live very long.

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    Thumbs up

    cool your lucky
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    Thumbs up

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    I had sooo much fun with those when I was a kid! My friend and I would both launch them out over the pool and send the whale to retrieve them! Great score and good luck on the US Viper!

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    You Know whats really sad I remember Gemco clearencing them for $.39. I got 3 of the Joe ones (what was I thinking), and destroyed them in glider accidents within a month. Still have all 3 tan grunts in perfect condition much better then Viper pilots. (Man was I a dumb kid )
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    Thanks guys !

    You guys are lucky getting to play with these when you were kids , though if I had got a hold of them back then I dont think they would have lasted very long as I was a rough little bugger back in the day
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