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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick A. Riley
    Anyone else not get an Order Confirmation e-mail? Sometimes my ISP is slow with certain e-mails, but it could be that HTS was backed up
    I found my confirmation email in my SPAM folder (I use gmail)

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    I use gmail, and got no confirmation email, in spam or my inbox.
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    what a sweet sale, thanks for the heads up! and thanks for the promo code too!

    Just got
    10 comic packs
    2 ROCCs
    2 Rhinos
    5 HISS tanks
    and 1 DTC wave 2 case (8 figs)
    For $120 shipped!

    mmmmmmm Gi Joe goodnesss mmmmmmmm
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    People are already selling their ordered items on eBay
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick A. Riley
    People are already selling their ordered items on eBay
    I just saw that too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick A. Riley
    People are already selling their ordered items on eBay
    Can't say I'm surprised. People will always take advantage of opportunities.

    I didn't find out about the sale until I got back home this afternoon and checked my email. Hasbrotoyshop was already out of single pack Snow Serpents, so I bought 2 of the cases in order to get some. This leaves me with 12 figures to unload. Though considering how little it cost me, I may hang on to them until December and give them to Toys for Tots.

    I'm just disappointed that they don't have the Issue 101 comic pack for sale online. All the TRUs around here have numerous comic packs sitting around collecting dust.
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    It looks like Christmas just came early for my little cousins. Their mom should really appreciated the size of the ROCC they are getting.

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    Just picked up 21 figures for $35.66!

    #9, 74, and 75 Comic 3-packs...Case of 8 Wave 2, as well as Medi-Viper, Scrap Iron, Sgt. Mutt, and Spirit Iron-Knife. Passed on the Bat Attack 6-Pack, and Med Alert sold out right under my nose. I considered getting some vehicles but passed. If I had a paying job right now I would have splurged my butt off though.

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    Picked up 7 hiss tanks and 1 Footloose for 62 shipped
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    That sale is just insane...

    I wasn't collecting the new stuff... But heck, if they are going to heavily discount the stuff, why not...

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