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    Missal, I'm surprised anyone else remembered the 1997 Hasbro Canada sale!
    I remember it well. So well, I remember that it actually happened in early 1999.

    Anybody still have the printed out form for the ordering from back then? Id love to get a copy of it.
    I've got a scan of it that I printed out to mail in. It's on one of my computers somewhere. If I can find it, I'll send it your way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khemic
    I placed my order on the 19th at 5pm and it was supposed to ship yesterday but still hasn't. Anyone else past there estimated ship date?
    Well my last order said shipped on the day it actually came.

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    I ordered at 2:49 AM (their time) on the 19th, according to their website. It was all expected to ship the 20th, and part of it did. The other part of it, I just checked on and it was shipped on the 21st. I had a pretty big order, which it appears a lot of people did. I imagine they are a little behind on shipping, so be aware, that shipping may be a little slow and that you may not get all of your order on one day, like me.
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    Same thing happened to me. I ordered on the 19th, 90% of my order was listed as shipping on the 20th and other 10% of stuff was listed as having shipped on the 21st.
    Perhaps certain items were ordered that were out of stock, and they had to wait a day for new things to get listed?

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    My stuff just shipped this morning. Guess I was being a little impatient. I was starting to worry that maybe this was all a dream and that this great great bargain wasn't real.

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    I set up my order earlier in the week, but I just sent it off today (22nd).

    2 @ Dreadnok Comic Sets

    2 @ Zartan, Cobra Commander & Zarana Comic Sets

    2 @ Rolling Operation Command Centers (R.O.C.C.)

    3 @ Cobra HISS Tanks

    A total of $49.91 w/shipping and tax $75.15.

    You can't beat that deal with a stick.
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    Both of my orders have been fully shipped!


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    All of my stuff has a ship date of 6/20 (I ordered on the 19th). Seems like about half the items are listed under "Items not shipped." Has anyone else experienced this? Does this mean those are coming in a separate shipment or am I just not going to get them because they ran out or some other reason? I am just curious as to why these haven't shipped, if indeed that is the case. I got charged for everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robot_sonic
    I remember it well. So well, I remember that it actually happened in early 1999.

    I was living at my brother's house when it happened, and that was from July 97 until mid-98, and while I was working in the Ops department at AOL, which i left in late 98, so it was no later than 98. Either way IT WAS A BLAST!!!!! It may have continued for a while after that, but I don't know.

    john m.
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    I wonder

    How many people are going to return these items to TRU for store credit (since there is no TRu receipt) and use the credit on the 25th anniversay stuff.

    I know I'm not the only one who thought of doing this.....right?
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