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    I remember when I got my first Joes back in 1988, my mom took me to a toy store (can't remember the name), and that day a new shipment must've arrived or something because the shelves were absolutely packed with joes and she said: "Ok you can pick 2".... I was like WHAT? only 2?????

    Before this somewhat sad event I already had a couple of loose figs my cousin gave me when I was very little. I don't remember that moment though, just know because my mom told me.
    http://www.joetoonarchive.com/ - Great screenshot archive ;)

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    I have a lot of fond memories around joe's and yes the irony has hit me, as I take my 3yr old son to toys'r'us, that this was the very same tru that my mom and grandparents took me to, to do exactly the same thing. its kinda neat. And really why I collect today.

    But I remember, and maybe its just every thing is bigger when your smaller,
    but I do remember the intire aisle being devoted to G.I.Joe. pegs and pegs of figures and box after box of vehicles. not just six pegs of the same picked over figures like today.
    C. M.

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    My brother and I used to play in the backyard because there was a ton of dirt and rocks that you could set up as a battlefield. Then we'd take bottle rockets and break off the sticks to have bombs going off... Looking back I probably shouldn't have treated the Joes so badly...

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    I can still remember my first GI Joe vehicle, the LCV recon sled. My first Joe was Wet Suit, and first Cobra was Zarana. Now, I enjoy the new memories as my son and I have epic battles with our huge collection of Joes and the various bases we construct out of wood and whatever else we have lying around while I wait for warmer weather to build more solid structures.


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