G.I. Joe, helping to organize my memory


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    G.I. Joe, helping to organize my memory

    I went to a Toys R Us today to look for the new 25th anniversary figures, and as I was walking from my car to the store, I thought to myself "it was twenty years ago that my dad was bringing me to this very place to buy joes for me." I would have been three years old. Up until I became more acquainted with the gi joe toy release timeline, my memories were just a blur, I had no certainty about how old I was when certain things happened in my life. Now that I've learned when exactly certain figures came out or were available, I realize that I have vivid memories of being as young as three, playing in my backyard. I have extremely vague memories of being even younger, but to have vivid memories at three, that seems crazy to me. I still remember the day I got Techno Viper and Chuckles and I think someone else too. I always knew those figures came out in 1987, but I never realized they were only available that year, and to a lesser extent the next year. I guess I just feel grateful that this site exists, because it's really what made the difference.

    BTW- I can't tell you how fast I ruined the cobra symbol on that techno viper.

    Anyone feel the same about this or care to share any memories? I think it's more meaningful the younger you were when the toys came out.

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    I was also three when I got Voltar in 1988, and I find it difficult to believe I remember that moment quite well.

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    I remember being 5 or 6 when I got my 1st Joe, Flash. At that point it was "bye-bye Star Wars"...

    I also remember when the new Toys R Us opened in town and I got Serpentor there, I'd never seen him before and was so excited...

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    I remember playing with Snake Eyes, Flash and the Fang (Well losing Flash's visor that is ) So that means I have memories from age 4 rattling around in my head because of Joes

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    i remember playing with my brother and his gijoes when i was four just a few vehicles and some 1982 straight arms and no weapons but back then it didn't matter it was just fun. ahhhh memories
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    Smile Rock & Roll!

    This is a wonderful thread idea!

    I wish I had a better memory, but I can't really remember getting anyone before Rock. I remember asking if I could get him, already heartbroken because I KNEW we didn't have the money, but I had already read his file card, and saw his weapons, so I just had to ask.

    I was shocked when I was told yes, but quick enough to point out that he needed someone to fight, and I got Annhilator too!

    It's one of my oldest memories, even though I was at least in 5th grade by then.

    I can't remember too much of my childhood either, Katzenbogen, but I've never forgotten that moment.

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    i remember my first joe in '82. my grandfather took me and my cousin to toys r us and let us pick whatever we wanted. i got the ram and breaker and my cousin got the jump and rock and roll. that was always my fondest memory of joes because when we got home my grandfather dug out his old 12 inch joes and we played together all day.
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    I was afraid that everyone would think a thread about their memories would seem lame. The reason I suppose I collect now is to just get away from the serious and stressful world out there, find some sort of innocent escape. One of the fondest periods in my life were the years I spent playing in my backyard when I was 3-6 years old. It was that pure era of my childhood before things got bad. I played almost exclusively with Joes back then.

    I suppose I should share a specific memory of my own...

    Maybe a sad one, since I'm in a sad mood. He's not a popular figure, but I loved sci-fi when I was little. I had him but only briefly. I remember playing with him by the concrete steps in front of the walkway in my front yard, and there was this missing piece of the concrete out of the step where a joe could fit. I left him there for a few minutes and when i came back he was gone. At such a young age I believed he must have somehow been shoved to far into the crevice, and I just couldnt see him, but could dig him out. I kept going back there for days after that, also checking the yard. Eventually years later, I realized he must have been stolen, and I shouldnt do this I guess, but I believe now it was my brother who did it. I wont explain. But it was a hard but valuable lesson to learn at that age. I lost something I really liked, and it was never coming back.

    I would love to hear as many stories from people as possible. Not that I'm sure most would be interested, but I think you should all try it out. I get fascinated by it.

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    Since you mention sad memories, some of my vividest, most disappointing childhood memories were my desperate attempts to find (and sending my mother to find) Dusty, Zartan and, most importantly, Flint action figures at the Children's Palace, K-Mart, and Lionel's Playworld stores around 1987 or so (when I was 7). Though they kept showing the great season 1 cartoons, they had stopped producing pre-1986 figures around this time, so I was left pretending that Lt. Falcon and, later, Tiger Force Flint were the real deal. It was years (probably 1990 or so) before I was able to trade away a coveted Snake Eyes to a friend for a broken Flint that I was able to put another guy's O-Ring on. I treated that worn, raggedy toy like it was the Holy Grail, and when eBay started up, after all those years, one of the first things I bought was a Zartan, for some outrageous price as I remember.

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    how about the commercials....

    I was 10 when joes hit the world. I can actually remember the commercials for the toys. I can remember the 3 kids playing with the skystrikers and launching ace into the air. I can remember getting the first version of figures. We had this little hardware store that would get all the toys in. We would ask her for the new stuff and she would hook us up. If we only had this now. Too many memories. Im trying to remember the themes of the other commercials.


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