Who is Your G.I.Joe LEADER?


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    Who is Your G.I.Joe LEADER?

    My G.I.Joe leader is General Flagg III.

    Who is the leadear in Your Joe-verse?

    Gen.Abernathy, Gen.Colton, Gen.Flagg III, Admiral Kell Haul, Duke or others?
    Only one name!!!


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    Without question - Hawk.

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    Currently Hawk, but there's not much to lead. Cobra took over the MCC, and Hawk is hiding out in a dilapidated GENERAL under my bed with Flint, Grandslam and the Steel Bridgade trio. Duke, Roadblock and Dialtone escaped Cobra in an old jeep. Lowlight and Rollbar (and a Power Team pilot with his little bird) are protecting C3PO at Ewok Village...because...I dunno.

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    Hawk- is was and always will be.

    Unless they make a GI Joe action figure of Eisenhower, Patton or MacArthur

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    no doubt about it. Hawk, After Flag died in #19 there are no other flaggs.

    General Hawk, reported to Gen. Hollingsworth until his heart attack. now he is the end of the line.
    C. M.

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    My Gijoe leader is - Duke.
    www.advancediron.org ..worlds largest Iron Man fansite.

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    I liked Duke and Hawk,

    But in a fight Duke would whup on Hawk, seeing as there is now 45,000 versions of Duke now.

    Ice Cream Duke
    Gas Station attendant Duke
    Waterski Duke
    Angry Cop Duke
    Ketchup loving Duke
    PowderKeg Duke
    Kona Coffee Duke


    Hey Kids! buy them all!


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    In my joeverse the good guys are led by Falcon the one I mixed with Ghostrider pieces as a kid. He looks a bit weird to me today, but since young me made him that way, he'll stay that way.

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    For me, it's the Armor Tech General Hawk. He's bigger than the rest of the Joes (except the other Armor Tech guys), and he's piloting that monstrous Armor Bot.


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