Question: Series 3, 32-Back verus Series 3, 34-Back

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    Question: Series 3, 32-Back verus Series 3, 34-Back

    Which is more desirable, valuable, for a Series 3 figure, a 32-Back or a 34-Back? I would think the 32-Back, but I've noticed that on the AFA population reports that there are only a handful of graded Series 3 34-Back and a multitude of Series 3 32-Back for a given figure, for instance Spirit or Roadblock.

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    I would really appreciate anyone with more knowledge on the subject taking some time out to address my question. Thank-you so much!

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    My opinion is the 34 backs are much more scarcer however the 32 backs (being more plentiful) are more popular / desireable
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    The current AFA consensus report does not take into account the fact that it has only been recent that AFA began to note a figure's cardback variation with the grade. Thus, for any/all GI JOE figures graded prior to the beginning of 2006 (I think), there is no designation of the cardback variation.

    There is an almost equal number of series 3 34-back figures graded as there is for series 3 32-back figures.


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