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    Quote Originally Posted by romanoaj
    Our first African-American female in the plastic Joeverse! Check out the cadaceus (sp?) on her jacket. Not just a simple LadyJaye swap. Nice work!
    The head looks good, but everything else looks too bulky and manly. Look at the size of her HANDS!!!
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    I hear a Sienfeld episode there - "She has man hands!"
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    Thumbs up

    THE file cards reads great.female doc cool ..hands a bit big
    but i am still likeing what i am seeing
    who do you think will be put on tonight ???

    rob uk

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    Thumbs up

    Seeing the help Herb Trimpe art on the file cards just gave me the shivers. That's the GIJoe comic art I remember and love! None of that slick, musclebound, glossy, computer aided stuff. To me, the pictures are as invaluable as Lichtenstein paintings. Gorgeous!

    This set has revitalized my interest in collecting.

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    Oh boy...this is gonna be a hard sell to the wife after just returning from Botcon and blowing a wad there. Only way she'll let me pull the trigger and order this year's set is to gear up the eBay auctions again and hope that I bring in enough $$. Looks like my current Joe collection will be thinned out even more...

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    Well, Doc puts it over the top for me. I am definitely getting this set. A great homage to the original figure (which was my first figure) but also a fresh new idea and pretty good use of old/new parts.
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    Now thats more like it.
    I really like this one, man hands and all...
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    Well, I'll definitely have to get me a new Doc
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    I don't care about the hands so much, and I think that head scuplt does a very good job at making her look exactly like the comic rendition.

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    Tanks for the Memories Doc figure released.

    Hey if it isn't Lady Jaye

    This set was destined for greatness till this.

    They also have pics of what their FCs will look like.


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