Convention Set: Pictures

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    Convention Set: Pictures

    Wow. This is awesome.

    Not sure if we can post links to mastercollector or not, but the female Cobra Trooper is up. Wow. I may have to get this set on her alone!

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    I really want more than 6 of those.
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    I can't wait to get my hands on those; MC has made a dream come true!

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    I am glad I ordered mine already. This set might sellout.
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    I wasn;t into the idea of female cobra troopers, but that figure has changed my mind.
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    WHA!!!!!! Frikkin SWEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!
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    Talking WOW! That's HOT

    They're even hotter than I thought they'd be. I might have to order another set for posterity. I wonder if they will have a cobra pinup calender now? Now if they made Munitia and Mistress Armada they could fill a calender.

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    Those figures are SMOKING HOT!
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    I think I need to see the rest of the set before I buy, but man those are cool. I am now trying to come up with justification for spending $20 each on figures. My wife is going to be hard to convince. $300 is so expensive. It is to bad they can't sell these separatly as I could buy a couple at $20 and not really worry about it.

    Do we get a figure a day until the whole set is revealed.

    Oh yeah have they ever shipped the Copperheads?

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    Oh man!! There's gonna' be some relations jumpin' off at the Cobra Surveillance Port.
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