Indiana and the Midwest Sightings

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    Indiana and the Midwest Sightings

    Just getting a Midwest thread going for the 25th line. I haven't seen anyhthing yet, but if anyone has post away!

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    I live in Bloomingdale, IL (NW Suburb) and am very interested to hear when these figures will finally be in the area!
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    I found the Cobra 5 pack and the singles at Toys R Us in Aurora, IL today. These things look great!!!! There are a couple of singles left on the rack. Happy hunting.

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    Still nada in Central IN. My wife is going to Ft. Wayne this weekend so I will put her on the lookout there.

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    Picked up the last Cobra five-pack tonight at the Toys R Us on Army Trail Road in Bloomingdale, IL. All that remained were a few Sigma Six figures, single DTCs, one Viper six-pack, and a few Lady Jay comic packs. I'm going to check the Toys R Us in Lombard tomorrow to see if they have anything.

    I haven't opened the box yet but from my first impressions it's pretty cool looking and the sound chip is a very nice touch. I don't care for some of the poses of the figures in the box (Storm Shadow's stretch looks pretty silly for starters) but on first inspection they look very nice. I would say that they make up for some of the DTC shortcomings as well as some of the general sloppiness in the 1998 era re-releases (cross-eyed Joes come to mind).

    I only wish that they were less expensive but I guess that's inflation for you. I yearn for the days when I could buy a Joe for less than $3 with tax. Ah, those were the days...
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    Haven't seen anything in the Kansas City area yet. Seems suprising since someone found them in O'Fallon, MO.

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    checked 2 wal marts, 2 kmarts, 1 meijer and 1 tru around the kalamazoo/portage/plainwell, mi area. nothing, zip, nada. still nothing for on hand counts for target in michigan, indiana, ohio, or illinois. except for the new livonia, mi store, whenever that opens, they'll be on the shelf.

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    Nothing in the Schaumburg or Niles TRU's as of yesterday.

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    i found one case of the 25th single pack figures at kmart in waterford michigan
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    Nothing at Target except for discounted 2.5 inch Sigma 6. Has anyone found 25th's at any Target.

    Strangelly enough my Wal-Mart just restocked Sigma 6 Artic Dukes, Destros and Hi Techs. Must have discovered some in the back b/c they have had only one Sigma 6 Storm Shadow for months


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