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    I'm kind of surprised to see LJ's hat. Wasn't that a pretty big gripe among LJ fans? I know they're trying to maintain some fidelity to the originals, but it seems like a cartoon accurate figure would be nice.

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    ...Just awesome! Nice to see Serpentor is the "modern" Devil's Due-esque version... Zartan & Buzzer look amazing!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedClaw
    Major Annoucemen from Dockingbay97/Nick!

    Hasbro Toy Shop is not adhearing to the rules for the sale of the Gold and Silver Pimp Daddy Destro figures.

    Right now you can buy four gold and four silver figures - instead of the announced 3 of the silver and 1 of the gold.

    Currently at the show people are buying these in groups of eight and badges are not being stamped at this time - so if you need one of these THEN DO SO NOW!

    I seriously doubt that these will last until the weekend at this rate.

    Okay, I can't find these anywhere. Is there a link? Am I just missing something obvious, or has it already been pulled down to fix? Anyone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stad
    Okay, I can't find these anywhere. Is there a link? Am I just missing something obvious, or has it already been pulled down to fix? Anyone?

    There's no link to be had, these figures are selling only to people attending the conference as of right now.
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    ugh why cant i LIKE these..? i dunno....i like the stinger driver the best but the sad thing is I like ALL of the "custom" figures they show and none are available.....I'll be saving for more convention 25th stuff this year

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    That Lady Jaye is just what I've been wanting!

    Seems like some aren't as classic or definitive as I thought. Mainly I'm kinda disappointed in Serpentor (maybe because I'm only familiar with his animated/vintage form), and I want to see Zartan painted to be sure with him. Of course I'm sure that we'll see classic Serpentor at some point as well. And those employee customs better see production!!

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    Is it sad that the thing i'm MOST excited about is that Buzzer finally has a REALISTIC chainsaw? i've wanted a joe-scale chainsaw for 20 years...
    i'm seriously disappointed in the Cobra 5-pack though...i mean...we're already drowning in repaints...that makes 4x on the Stormy mold alone...
    i do however...absolutely love the upcoming single pack figures...i hope we get to see painted versions at some point over the weekend...
    where are Snow Job, Snake Eyes (Black), Torpedo, etc?
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    I hope that silly hat on lady jaye is removable....I always hated that even on the original, as far as the dissappointed. They should went with the original look...
    Buzzer, Beachhead are extremely well done.
    Im also tired of even more storm shadows...cmon Hasbro give us something else...other than that the 5 pack is great. I especially like that Cobra Commander.


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